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Seaham Remembers: moving tribute to the fallen at the foot of “Tommy”

From Brian Blake

Volunteers from the cadets and Seaham Veterans group have made a poppy mosaic made from stones collected from Seaham beach and hand-painted them. The artwork is the brain child of ex serviceman Dave McKenna and lies at the foot of “Tommy”, Ray Lonsdale’s much loved 1101 statue in Seaham

The images are of volunteers involved in making the mosaic, the artwork itself and some of the individual pebbles making up the artwork. The piece will be in situ until shortly after the Remembrance Service on Sunday, 13th November

Brian Blake

Sunderland Echo report is here

NB: any DPS members photographing Remembrance Sunday events across the Region, including at Seaham, are invited to email a few images to Tony G for future website features

Pictures Brian Blake

Seaham Remembers - Poppies #07Seaham Remembers - Poppies #08Seaham Remembers - Poppies #11

Seaham Remembers - Poppies #13Seaham Remembers - Volunteers #05Seaham Remembers - Volunteers #03

Seaham Remembers - Volunteers #06Seaham Remembers - Volunteers #04Seaham Remembers #02

News Flash: Angy Ellis’ picture chosen for Look North Weather Calendar

A superb image by Angy Ellis, of Ray Lonsdale’s Tommy with red painted beach stones in the form of a poppy at Seaham, was chosen for the BBC Look North 2018 Weather Calendar along with two others for October, November and December on Tuesday on the Look North programme

The images were selected by young people from the Thursday drop in at Throckley run by NE Youth, which is funded by BBC Children in Need – the charity that will receive all the profits from sales of the calendar

Angy, a member, Past President and leading light of Durham Photographic Society, said, “I am so pleased that my picture of Tommy will appear on the November page of the calendar and hope there will be record sales for Pudsey”

Angy and the other participants will be attending the BBC Look North Weather Calendar launch party on Friday

A clip from Look North programme featuring the young selectors and the winning pictures is here

More about the poppy mosaic is in a 2016 NewsBlog, “Seaham Remembers: tribute to the fallen at the foot of ‘Tommy’” is here

Pictured: The Appreciation Conversation by Angy Allis (NOT the image featured on the calendar)

                                                                                   The Appreciation Conversation. Angy Ellis