The Wear Area Battle, Trophy Winning Clubs from 1986

The Wear Area Trophy is awarded to the winning club in an annual contest known as the Wear Area Battle. The competing clubs belong to the Wear Area of the Northern Photographic Photographic Federation. More about the Federation Areas is on the NCPF website here

The magnificent trophy is in the form of a miner’s lamp and was donated by Colin Ormston, Washington New Town Camera Club

1986 Seaham PS

1987 Sunderland PA

1988 Seaham PS

1989 Durham PS

1990 Durham PS

1991 Bishop Auckland PS

1992 Durham PS

1993 Sunderland PA

1994 Sunderland PA

1995 Sunderland PA

1996 Sunderland PA

1997 Sunderland PA

1998 Esh Winning & District CC

1999 Chester le Street CC

2000 Seaham PS

2001 Sunderland PA

2002 Durham PS

2003 Sunderland PA

2004 Washington CC/ Durham PS

2005 Sunderland PA

2006 Chester le Street CC

2007 Sunderland PA

2008 Sunderland PA

2009 Sunderland PA

2010 Durham PS

2011 Durham PS

2012 Sunderland PA

2013 Durham PS

2014 Washington CC

2015 Durham PS

2016 Washington CC

2017 Consett & District PS, Durham PS, Washington CC


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