Vice President’s Award 1989 to 2018

 Vice President’s Award

Since 1989, the Vice President of the day has chosen a member to receive the award in recognition of their outstanding service to the Society

Year    Recipient                            Awarded by

2018     Angy Ellis                         Dave Murrell

2017    Paul Ritchie                            Dave Murrell

2016    David Forster & John Carter      Peter Walton

2015    Tony Griffiths                      Angy Ellis

2014    John Attle                              Angy Ellis

2013    Rob Birrell                              Joe Grabham

2012    Jack Gilmore                          Ian Stafford

2011    Colin Armitstead                   Tony Griffiths

2010    John Brown                            Tony Griffiths

2009    Malcolm Thurman                David Trout

2008    Don Bennett                          David Trout

2007    John Attle                              Alan Stott

2006    Joe Grabham                         Alan Stott

2005    Roger Culpin                          Paul Ritchie

2004    Maurice Sanderson               Paul Ritchie

2003    Colin Armitstead                   Mavis Ord

2002    Maurice Sanderson               Mavis Ord

2001    Bill Bestford                           Roger Culpin

2000    Joe Grabham                        Roger Culpin

1999    Colin Armitstead                   John Attle

1998    Neil Maughan                         John Attle

1997    Roger Culpin                           Jim Bennett

1996    Don Bennett                            Jim Bennett

1995    Harry Holder                          Joe Grabham

1994    Malcolm Thurman                 Joe Grabham

1993    Brian Wilcockson                   Maurice Sanderson

1992    Roger Culpin                          Maurice Sanderson

1991    John Attle                               Don Bennett

1990    Colin Armitstead                   Don Bennett

1989    John Clarke                            David Trout


Allotment Folk, John Clarke ARPS



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