2019 Programme


3rd President’s Night with our new President – Dave Murrell

Dave Murrell

Dave Murrell

10th Chris Ceaser ARPS The Gallery, York – “Venice in Pictures & Words”  www.chrisceaser.co.uk

Closing date: 1st Progress – Projected Digital Images.  

Chris Ceasar

17th David Trout LRPS, Durham PS – “One Thing Leads to Another” 



David Trout

24th The London Salon of Photography Annual Exhibition 2017

31st Lucinda Grange – “Not Just For Exposure” – The professional journey to date of the New York based adventure photographer.  www.lucindagrange.com 

www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2014/feb/18/tall-storeys- lucinda-granges-daredevil-photography

Lucinda Grange

 Closing date: 1st Progress – Prints


7th An Evening with our own Assignment Group

14th Results: 1st Progress – Projected Digital Images

21st George Ledger ARPS DPAGB Hexham & District PS – “All Sports”  www.georgeledger.co.uk

George Ledger

28th Results: 1st Progress – Prints

Closing date: Dunelm Trophy & Leazes Bowl – PDIs


7th The 2019 Harry Holder Memorial Lecture – Tom Stoddart – “Every Picture Tells a Story”


14th Alan McCormick ARPS & Mavis McCormick LRPS of Hexham & District PS – “Kaleidoscope”

https://500px.com/alanmccormick   https://www.ephotozine.com/user/mickymc-68692/portfolio/page/0

Alan McCormick

Mavis McCormick

21st Members’ Night

28th Results: Dunelm Trophy & Leazes Bowl – Projected Digital Images Closing date: Des Kelly Trophy & Lambert Hedley Cup – Prints


4th Paul Alexander Knox – “At the Edge”    www.paulalexanderknox.com

Paul A. Knox

11th Gallery Photogroup visit Durham PS with a selection of their work   www.galleryphotogroup.co.uk

18th David Williams ARPS, FSINWP – “A Wild Life” – the making of a bespoke, limited edition, coffee table book


David Williams

25th Results: Des Kelly Trophy & Lambert Hedley Cup – Prints

Closing date: 2nd Progress – Projected Digital Images


2nd The 2018 PAGB Great British Cup

9th Malcolm Kus ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP/b Alnwick & District CC – “A Photographc Journey: The Last Picture Show”

Closing date: 2nd Progress – Prints

16th Pauline Pentony ARPS, AFIAP, DPAGB Northallerton CC – “Once a Dancer Always a Dancer”


Pauline Pentony

23rd Results: 2nd Progress – Projected Digital Images

Closing date: Sterling Award & Daisy Edis Trophy – PDIs

30th Gerald Chamberlin DPAGB, EFIAP Morton PS – “My World in Black and White”


Gerald Chamberlin


6th Results: 2nd Progress – Prints Closing date: Hon Members Cup & Iris Trophy – Prints/PDIs

13th Darlington Video Makers Club presents an Evening of Videos.  www.darlingtoncc.weebly.com

20th Results: Sterling Award & Daisy Edis Trophy – PDIs

Closing date: Fillingham Trophy – PDIs

27th The NCPF Annual Competitions 2018 – Awards, Alliance Entry & Selectors’ Choice


4th Results: Hon Members’ Cup & Iris Trophy – Prints & PDIs

11th Jack Bamford DPAGB, APAGB, AFIAP Hexham & District PS – “My Style of Photography”

Jack Bamford

18th Results: Fillingham Trophy plus a Fun Knockout Competition – Projected Digital Images

25th Members’ AV Night


The Durham Photographic Society Memorial Summer School – meets each Thursday – see website for full details.


5th Andrew Nicoll, Whitley Bay PS – “Mainly Mountains and Coast”  www.flickr.com/photos/130732998@N05/

Andrew Nicoll

12th Lip Seng Tan FRPS, FPSA of Singapore: Overseas Judge to this year’s Northern Counties International Salon brings an Evening of his Photography.  https://lipsengtan.elcreations.org/

19th The 2018 Northern Counties International Salon of Photography

       Closing date: 3rd Progress – Projected Digital Images

26th Members’ Night


3rd Michael Watson, Durham PS – “Bikes, Birds and Boulders”   www.mickwatsonphotography.com

Michael Watson

Closing date 3rd Progress – Prints

10th Bob Gwynne, Associate Curator, York Railway Museum – “The Famous Flying Scotsman – Making Headlines for Nearly a Century”

Bob Gwynne

17th Results: 3rd Progress – Projected Digital Images

245h Dave Mason – “LIFE”   www.davemasonimages.com

Dave Mason

31st Results: 3rd Progress – Prints

Closing date: Digital & George Samuel Trophies – PDIs


7th Neil Maughan ARPS, EFIAP/s, MPAGB Durham PS – “Some of My New Favourite Pics”

N. Maughan

Closing date Valente Cup – Prints

14th No meeting: Durham Lumiere

21st Annual General Meeting

28th Results: Digital & George Samuel Trophies – Projected Digital Images


5th George Hepples, Stanhope PS – “Photography Passions”

Geoff Hepples

13th Results: Valente Cup – Prints

20th Roger’s Christmas Quiz – Guests very welcome – cake and drinks will be laid on

January 2020

9th President’s Night

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