Introduction to Assignments by Colin Armitstead APAGB

So, what are these assignments all about? The assignments are open to any member of Durham Photographic Society and take place at locations chosen for their picture making potential.

There’s no “signed up” club. We just turn up at the location selected at 10.00am (usually). From then on it is up to individual members to search out and photograph any thing or person that may yield a cracking image. Small groups are the norm and you can go it alone or in the company of one or two others. After the morning session we congregate at a pre-arranged pub and engage in many sided conversations and pre – views on cameras. (This is a very convivial part of the day). Then members head for home or continue their quest for that ultimate image!

Two weeks or so later we meet to present our efforts – up to four prints, maximum size A4 and un-mounted. These are spread out for all to view, after which a session of comment by any and all members provides the main interest, and many useful tips are passed on. There is no competition, only long and lively talk. Normally the site for the next outing is selected from member’s suggestions.

To sum up

  1. Check the NewsBlog for details of future assignments which are also announced on club nights and by emailing list
  2. Turn up on the day and get shooting

3. Attend the viewing evening with your prints (obligatory) and your up to 8 images for the website Assignment Gallery. Digital files should be normal competition size and can be on memory stick or CD – or email them to David Forster


Happy shooting, Colin Armitstead

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