2018 Programme


4th President’s Night with our own President – Peter Walton – “Around the World and Around the Corner”


11th Malcolm Blenkey ARPS Saltburn PS – “Northern Landscapes” Closing date: 1st Progress – Projected Digital Images

Malcolm Blenkey

18th The London Salon of Photography Annual Exhibition 2017

25th Dr. Param Sandhu – “Life on the Brink” – Wildlife of India Closing date: 1st Progress – Prints

Dr. Param Sandhu


1st An Evening with our own Assignment Group

8th Roger Coulam – “Thinking Image”

Roger Coulam

15th Results: 1st Progress – Projected Digital Images

22nd The Photo Memories Organisation – “Nostalgic Views of the North” – Images from the Archive

Photo.Memories Archive

Closing date: Dunelm Trophy & Leazes Bowl – PDIs


1st Results: 1st Progress – Prints

8th Dave Murrell & Ian Stafford, Durham PS – “Between 64 & 69 Degrees”

Dave Murrell

Ian Stafford 1

15th Ray Etchells – “The Bigger Picture”

Ray Etchells

22nd Members’ Night

Closing date: Des Kelly Trophy & Lambert Hedley Cup – Prints

29th Results: Dunelm Trophy & Leazes Bowl – Projected Digital Images


5th Alan McCormick ARPS, President of the NCPF, & Mavis McCormick LRPS of Hexham PS – “Captured Moments”

Alan McCormick

Mavis McCormick

12th An Evening with The Very Reverend Michael Sadgrove, Dean Emeritus of Durham Cathedral

Michael Sadgrove

19th Members of Hexham & District PS visit Durham PS with a Selection of Images


Closing date: 2nd Progress – Projected Digital Images

26th Results: Des Kelly Trophy &Lambert Hedley Cup – Prints


3rd The 2017 PAGB Great British Cup

Closing date: 2nd Progress – Prints

10th Simon Green, Consett & Dist. PS – “Chasing the Light”

Bespoke Dress Designs

17th The 2018 Harry Holder Memorial Lecture: Harry Hall FRPS – “The Last Dhow to Zanzibar”

Harry Hall

Harry Hall

Closing date: Sterling Award & Daisy Edis Trophy – PDIs

24th Results: 2nd Progress – Projected Digital Images

31st Tony Mearman LRPS, CPAGB, AFIAP Durham PS – “Photo Competitions – A Recipe for Success”

Tony Mearman

Closing date: Hon Members Cup & Iris Trophy – Prints/PDIs


7th Results: 2nd Progress – Prints

14th Jack Bamford DPAGB, APAGB, AFIAP Keswick PS – “AV Miscellany” Closing date: Fillingham Trophy – PDIs


21st Results: Sterling Award & Daisy Edis Trophy – PDIs

28th NCPF Annual Competitions 2018 – Awards, Alliance Entry & Selectors’ Choice


5th Results: Hon Members’ Cup & Iris Trophy – Prints & PDIs

12th Ray Cooper Cooper? ARPS – “Cooperman’s Travels”

Ray Cooper Cooper

19th Results: Fillingham Trophy plus a Fun Knockout Competition – Projected Digital Images

26th Members’ AV Night


The Durham Photographic Society Memorial Summer School – meets each Thursday – see website for full details.


6th David Stout DPAGB, EFIAP Wickham PC – “Images di Europa”

David Stout

13th The 2017 Northern Counties International Salon of Photography Projected Images

Closing date: 3rd Progress – Projected Digital Images

20th Paula Davies FRPS, CPAGB, EFIAP/s, EPSA & Guy Davies ARPS, EFIAP, EPSA of Stokesley PS – “Double Exposure 2”


Paula Davies

Guy Davies

27th Members’ Night

Closing date 3rd Progress – Prints


4th Jo McIntyre – “Wildlife Showcase”

Jo McIntyre

11th Mark Gillingham FBIPP, LRPS – “Same View Different Perspective”

Mark Gillingham

18th Results: 3rd Progress – Projected Digital Images

255h An Evening with Paul Stanley FIPE, EFIAP/s, EsFiap from Eire: International Judge to the Northern Counties International Salon

Paul Stanley

Closing date: Digital & George Samuel Trophies – PDIs


1st Results: 3rd Progress – Prints

8th Neil Maughan ARPS, EFIAP/s, MPAGB Durham PS – “Some of My New Favourite Pics”

Neil Maughan

Closing date Valente Cup – Prints

15th The Society Photographic Challenge: Your images on View

22nd Annual General Meeting

29th Results: Digital & George Samuel Trophies – Projected Digital Images


6th Peter Dixon ARPS, DPAGB, APAGB Wickham PC – “Let’s Talk about Projects”

Summer Time

13th Results: Valente Cup – Prints

20th Roger’s Christmas Quiz – Guests very welcome – cake and drinks will be laid on

January 2019

3rd President’s Night

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