PAGB Inter-Club Championship at Warwick 15th May 2017



The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) is the organisation that co-ordinates activities for photographic Clubs in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland (including the Channel Islands and Isle of Man). It covers 15 regional Federations across the UK and NI including almost 1,000 camera clubs and approximately 40,000 club members.

The PAGB liaises throughout the world via its membership of FIAP (The International Federation of Photographic Art), essentially the worldwide governing body for camera clubs.

Each year, the PAGB hosts an Inter-Club Championship for Projected Digital Images (PDIs) and a separate competition for prints. This year, Durham Photographic Society and Keswick Photographic Society had the honour of representing the Northern Counties Photographic Federation (NCPF) for the PDI competition at Warwick.  The 2017 Inter-Club Print Championship takes place in Blackburn on Sunday 29th October with Keswick and Gosforth representing the Northern Counties.

The NCPF serves about 50 clubs across the North of England, including the counties of Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Durham, Cleveland and the northern part of Cumbria.

The PAGB Championship is comprised of two clubs from each of the 15 Federations, plus the top 8 clubs from last year’s Championship at Warwick.

Each of the 38 competing clubs submits 40 PDI images to the competition.

Competition Day

With the event commencing at 9:30 am at the University of Warwick Arts Centre, an early start was required to drive the 200 miles for Joe Grabham, my predecessor as External Competition Secretary, and myself travelling from our Co. Durham homes.

We set off at 5:00 am when the roads were quiet and the weather was clear and dry. The journey was incident free, with a travel time of only 3 hours, arriving very early at the impressive surroundings of Warwick University Campus


There are 3 judges responsible for assessing each image and awarding a score.  Each judge has to allocate a score from 1 to 5 points for each PDI using an electronic device although the convention is to give a mark of 2 to 5 points for images.  All 3 judge’s marks are then transmitted to the scoring desk, added together before being announced to the audience.  Lowest image scores are typically 6 out of a maximum 15 points although that is rare, there were lots of images scoring only 10 points and a high number of PDIs achieved the maximum 15 points.

Competition judges were:

  • Roger Hance FRPS, AFIAP, BPE5*

  • Gabriel O’Shaugnessy FIPF, FRPS, MFIAP

  • Richard Speirs DPAGB, APAGB, BPE2*

 The competition is arranged in ’rounds’ with each club pre-designating 8 of their images to be judged in the first round and scores for each image added together after rounds 1 & 2 to determine the winning clubs.

For the second round, each club has to nominate a further 8 images from their bank of 32 remaining PDIs before images are judged and scored with marks once again being tallied and added to the first round scores.

When all points for each club have been collated for rounds 1 and 2, the 8 clubs achieving the highest points totals go into the ‘Final’ (round 4) and all remaining clubs contest the ‘Plate’ competition (Round 3) 


Total score for Durham Photographic Society, rounds 1 and 2 combined = 181 points

31st place out of 38 competing clubs

Score in Plate Competition = 101 points

16th place out of 30 clubs

Other NCPF representative Club, Keswick, finished with 107 points in the Plate and were 4th place.

Winners of the Final

1. Smethwick PS

2. Wigan 10

3. Arden PG

Winner of the ‘Plate’

Dumfries Camera Club


A rather disappointing result for our club, finishing in 31st place out of 38 competing clubs but when you consider that there are 1,000 camera clubs across the UK and Northern Ireland, we can be proud that we are competing with the crème de la crème of British club photography.

I really enjoyed the experience and privilege of going to Warwick to help support the DPS entry, my former club Wokingham in the Southern Counties Federation had never competed at Warwick in the 7 years of my membership so this was an honour for me to be involved.

I would like to thank Joe Grabham for all the assistance and advice he gave me and for providing support and guidance at Warwick.

Looking forward to the prospect of competing again in 2018.


External Competitions Secretary

All the results of individual DPS members, image titles and scores, and Durham PS positions, from 1985 to 2017, are on the PAGB Championships, GB Cup & GB Trophy page here

They have been compiled by Joe Grabham and are in the External Competitions Results section of Archives

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