Trophy & Progress Stage Winners 2017

Progress Stage Winners

1st Progress Prints A – Tony Mearman LRPS CPAGB AFIAP

1st Progress Prints B – Veronica Barker

2nd Progress Prints A – Michael Watson

2nd Progress Prints B – Vicki Geldard

3rd Progress Prints A – Walter Bulmer LRPS

3rd Progress Prints B – Liz Mearman


1st Progress PDI A – Dale Wesley Hill

1st Progress PDI B – Gail Elliott

2nd Progress PDI A – Angy Ellis

2nd Progress PDI B – Alyson McMahon

3rd Progress PDI A – Mark Middleton

3rd Progress PDI B – Gail Elliott


Trophy Winners

The Harvey Adams Cup (A section Print Progress): Walter Bulmer LRPS

The Stidwell Cup (B section Print Progress): Liz Mearman

The Pixel Trophy (A section PDI progress): Mark Middleton

The Leslie Buss Trophy (B Section PDI Progress): Gail Elliott


The Dunelm Trophy (PDI, Landscape anywhere ): David Trout LRPS

The Leazes Bowl (PDI, Portrait): Tony Mearman LRPS CPAGB AFIAP

The Des Kelly Trophy (Prints, landscape NCPF region): George Hodgson

The Lambert Hedley Cup (Prints, portrait): Alan Sharp

The Sterling Award (PDI) (After Dark): John Attle

The Daisy Edis Trophy (PDI Natural History): Michael Watson

The Iris Trophy (Set of 5/6 PDI): Stephen Bell CPAGB

The Hon. Members Cup (Set of 5/6 prints): George Hodgson

The Fillingham Trophy (The Spirit of the North East): Alyson McMahon

The Digital Trophy (Set of three PDI): Michael Watson

The George Samuel Trophy (PDI Sport or Action): Tony Mearman LRPS CPAGB AFIAP

The Valente Cup (Set of three prints): Michael Watson

The Ted Mansell Award (Best in Show, Annual Exhibition) : Joanne Coates


Pictured: Winter Feed by David Trout LRPS


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