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                                   Pictured: John Cogan ARPS by Dale Wesley Hill    


Erich Lessing: 1923-2018  by John Cogan ARPS

ABBAS, Humanist and photojournalist 1944 – 2018 by John Cogan ARPS

Roger Coulam: “Thinking Image” – an Appreciation by John Cogan ARPS


Dave Mason & Street Photography – an Appreciation by John Cogan ARPS

Portraits from the North East: Musicians – September 2017 update by John Cogan ARPS    

PAGB Inter-Club Championship at Warwick 15th May 2017 by Tony Mearman LRPS CPAGB AFIAP

John Cogan ARPS and the Portraits from the North East project: an article for RPS Northern News  by David Trout LRPS

In Search of European Brown Bears – Adventures in the Far North of Finland by Michael Watson  


Portraits from the North East Crafts People exhibition, Sunderland by John Cogan ARPS

Brick Lane, London – a Photographer’s Dream by Tony Mearman LRPS CPAGB AFIAP

Exhibition Success: Durham photographers triumph with inspiring North East exhibitions by David Trout LRPS

Analogue Photography and me by John King ARPS    

Photography – Why Do We Do It? by Guy Davies ARPS EFIAP EPSA posted 20th February 2017, this is a transcript of the excellent after dinner speech by Guy Davies at the Durham PS Annual Awards Dinner 2017 reproduced here by kind permission of the author

The future of Dunelm House now in Jeopardy by Catherine Yates 3rd January 2017


Portraits at The Witham in Barnard Castle by John Cogan ARPS

Savage Amusements by Dennis Hardingham

On Facing the world, and the Serendipitous Photograph by John Cogan ARPS

Cogan’s Travels: to Rothbury in search of an Ancient Landscape by John Cogan ARPS

Side Gallery Opens for All by John Clarke ARPS

Mark Riboud, Photography’s Everyman by John Cogan ARPS

Cogan’s Travels: Festival Time in Edinburgh by John Cogan ARPS

Cogan’s Travels: The Day of the Big Meeting by John Cogan ARPS

Cogan’s Travels: Portrait’s of the Fit & Healthy at the Regatta by John Cogan ARPS

Fine Art and its Influences on Photographic Style by John Cogan ARPS

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) – it’s my Addiction by Angy Ellis

Success at MPAGB level – the Inside Story by Neil Maughan ARPS EFIAP/s MPAGB

Motorcycling, the story behind the pictures by Michael Watson

So what does it take to Photograph a Horse? The Art of Equine Art by Dale Wesley Hill

DPS Adventures in Iceland – an epic tale by Dave Murrell

In Praise of the Progress by Joe Grabham EFIAP/silver

2014 to 2015

Jane Black ARPS FPSA Hon.PAGB Steps down as RPS Regional Organiser – by Paul Ritchie

Street Photography: Definitions by John Cogan

From the Front Line of Storm Desmond in Eden by David Trout

Sandy Cleland FRPS AFIAP: an Appreciation by John Cogan

Great Expectations: My First PAGB Championship Experience by Stephen Bell CPAGB

A Walk on the Wild Side by Dennis Hardingham

Through the Pin Hole – or who uses a camera like this: an appreciation of Paul Mitchell FRPS by John Cogan

Bus Journeys to an Associateship of the RPS by Su Stewart

Going For the LRPS by Joanne Coates

Deepdale: A Winter Ramble by Dennis Hardingham

Jane Bown, an Appreciation of a Life far from Monochrome by John Cogan

Durham Photographic Society for 50 Years by Janet Thackray

Why do I make Pinhole Photographs by Jeff Teasdale

A Flash of Inspiration by Joe Grabham EFIAP/b

An Article on Contemporary Army Photography by John Cogan ARPS

Jed Wee on his experience as a Judge on the West Coast Print Circuit

Durham City Camera Club – a Short History by Joe Grabham EFIAP/b

A Different Point of View by John Clarke ARPS

Leigh Preston FRPS EFIAP MPAGB FIPF An Appreciation by John Cogan ARPS

Portraits from the North East: Blog #6 by John Cogan ARPS

Portraits from the North East: Blog#5 by John Cogan ARPS

From the Front Line of … Le Tour de France Yorkshire by George Hodgson

From the Front Line of: Judging Club Photography by Angy Ellis

What is Acceptable Photography? Reflections by John Cogan ARPS

Recollections from a Storm Chaser and a Social Documentary Photographer by John Cogan ARPS

Blyth Spirit: from the Front Line of Assignment Blyth by Julie Ferry

Going Loco – a Day in the Life by David Trout LRPS

From the Front Line of … the Whickham Exchange Visit by Stephen Bell CPAGB

Osprey Catches Rainbow Trout by Michael Watson – the story behind the picture

An Evening with Peter Leeming – an appreciation by John Cogan ARPS

Golden London Salon Oldies from John Clarke – the story behind the picture

How Important is Backup? by Darren Pratt

The London Salon of Photography Exhibition… or how I stopped worrying and and learned to love altered reality by John Cogan ARPS



Confounding Confusions ruminations by John Cogan ARPS

Lostintheworldofgoth…Stephen Bell CPAGB

Libby Smith & Alan Brown an appreciation by…John Cogan ARPS

NCPF Profile of DPS President 2010/2011 David Trout (PDF)

John Cogan on the Joys of Stewarding an Exhibition

John Cogan on Interviewing the Greats and other Matters

Reflections on Street Photography by John Cogan

Ruminations on the Road to Damascas by John Cogan

A  positive view of camera clubs by David Trout

Christine Widdall’s “In My View” – an appreciation by John Cogan

A Winter’s Tale by Dennis Hardingham



An Evening with Stephen Byard: an appreciation by John Cogan

Recommended Reads-4.Diane Arbus & Damien Lovegrove

Will Cheung at the DPS – a review by John Cogan

Recommended Read 3, Street Photography Now by Sophie Howarth and Stephen McClaren

“Arthur Smith Exposed” – A review of the Arthur Smith lecture to Durham Photographic Society 29th November, by John Cogan

Recommended Reads 2 – ‘The Camera, The Negative and The Print’ by Ansel Adams

Recommended Reads 1 -‘Workers: Archaeology of the Industrial Age by Sebastio Salgado’, John Cogan

‘Big Meetings and a Sense of Place’   by John Cogan

‘The Fantastic Four + 1’   by Lilian Blot

‘Jack Bamford’  –  John Cogan’s review

‘Helen Herbert – An Appreciation’ by John Cogan

‘The Annual Exhibition’   by John Cogan

‘Cogan on Judging’   by John Cogan

‘Two Exhibitions at the DLI’   by John Cogan

‘Gothic Whitby’   A photographic fantasy   by Joe Grabham

‘Beamish Great North Steam Fair April 2012’   by John Cogan

‘Kodak’    A eulogy for a dead company?     by John Cogan

My ARPS experience    by Neil Maughan

Dianne Owen FRPS   by John Cogan

Hunter Kennedy  An Appreciation by John Cogan

Shaped by War – Don McCullin  An article by John Cogan

Eve Arnold   An Appreciation  by John Cogan

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