Jane Black ARPS, FPSA, Hon. PAGB steps down as RPS Regional Organiser

After 27 outstanding years as Organiser for our region of the Royal Photographic Society, Jane has decided that it is time to hand over the reins. Durham P.S. members are immensely grateful to Jane for her wonderful assistance to our Society and to club photography in general.

For many years Jane has enticed leading photographers to the North of England to give official RPS lectures. She has consistently offered Durham the privilege of hosting a generous proportion of these, for the benefit of our members as well as those of the RPS. It has been a long and mutually beneficial partnership. Durham P.S. members have enjoyed lectures that we otherwise would only dream about. I need only mention the last two years’ RPS speakers to give an idea of our good fortune: Laura Pannack, Rikki O’Neil, Leigh Preston, Tom Dodd and Hugh Milsom with Pat Broad. In addition to organising lectures Jane has arranged monthly regional events for RPS members, including two weekend conventions each year. Many Durham P.S. members have enjoyed these get-togethers. In 2002 Jane also initiated overseas photographic holidays for RPS members, and these continue to be enjoyed by many.

In 2003 the RPS awarded Jane the Fenton Medal for services to the Royal and to photography in general. It was richly deserved. She was also appointed a Life Member, a rare distinction.

Lest Durham members think that Jane is going to fade into the background be assured that she remains very active in the Royal and in the world of photographic societies. She remains Patronage Officer for the RPS. She is also the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain Awards Officer and the Chairman of the Northern Counties International sub-committee. In addition, Jane continues to lecture and judge at clubs. Thankfully, we will continue to see a lot of her!

It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with Jane in bringing top class lecturers to the region, and to ensure that we offer them the hospitality which they deserve. Our Society now looks forward to working with her successor to continue the good work.

Paul Ritchie, Durham PS Programme Secretary

Pictured: Jane Black


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