Bus Journeys to an Associateship of the RPS by Su Stewart ARPS

I obtained my first personal DSLR in 2012 and started learning what all the controls on the camera were for. Sadly I also found that my job left me very little free time. My journey to and forth to work each day however provided a very welcome temporal window to indulge my new hobby. The confinement of the bus journey provided an excellent opportunity to explore all the variables available on my new camera.

After a year or so I had amassed quite a number of images taken through bus windows, and on the bus itself. A number of friends suggested I might consider putting together an RPS Distinctions panel. Rather unprepared, and with a dozen or so unmounted A4 prints in a folder, I attended an ARPS workshop day in York, and asked whether my images might possibly form the basis for a project which could eventually be submitted for an Associateship.

The images were extremely well received, and feeling encouraged I set about putting together a panel for the next Assessment day in September. A trusted friend helped me to finalise my panel which I submitted in September 2014. I sent my images by post as I was too busy at work to attend.

They then contacted me by email the following day to tell me that I was referred on one image. This, in essence, meant that they had accepted 14 of my 15 images, but felt that No.13 was not as strong in supporting my statement as the others and gave me the opportunity to replace it and resubmit the panel. Unfortunately the replacement image could not be reviewed until the next assessment day on 22nd April 2015. I submitted an alternative image, and thankfully the judging panel accepted my image as a worthy replacement, and have accepted the panel overall, recommending it for the award of Associateship.

I would like to thank Jed Wee and Tessa Mills for their belief in me and kind advice.

Appended is my panel hanging plan.

My other bus images can be viewed on www.photoartefacts.co.uk

Su Stewart ARPS April 2015

ARPS Panel, Su Stewart

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