Going Loco – a Day in the Life by David Trout

A busy day, Saturday March 30 2014

By our Roving Reporter, David Trout

It was the DPS monthly assignment at Blyth but I’d already planned to photograph two different special charter trains involving classic steam locomotives out on the mainline.

No sweat, cover all three jobs – I’ve done this before. All it takes is a little careful timing and some fast driving.

It was cold and misty and the light was barely one candle power.

First stop, Newcastle Central Station before 8am to photograph The Wansbeck, an enthusiast charter train hauled by two locomotives: B1 Class No.  61264 and K1 Class 62005. One on each end of the train because in its tour around South East Northumberland and  a fast sprint on the East Coast Mainline to Middlesborough and Saltburn it needed several changes of direction which meant  reversing a few times.

Got the required pictures as the train headed into Central Station from Heaton Train Depot behind the K1, loaded with passengers and then set off for the Blyth area with the B1 at the front.

My dash to Blyth went OK and I met up with DPS members at the South Beach Coastline cafe for a warm up and coffee.

Then I concentrated on pictures for the assignment, abandoning plans to get the same train again in the Blyth area.

By mid day we all needed warming up so it was back to the cafe for fish and chips and more coffee.

Then, as some of our members headed home, I went North up the Northumberland Spine Road to Cambois and North Blyth to try and get shots of the wind farm out at sea. Too misty and a waste of time. So then it was off to Hexham for the second steam train of the day.

This was The Hadrian, a steam charter train from the Midlands to Carlisle via the Settle and Carlisle Railway and then along the Tyne Valley and on to York via Durham. Original plan was to get it at both Hexham and Durham taking advantage of the scheduled train stop in the Team Valley for the loco, Royal Scot Class express engine Scots Guardsman, to take on water. If I put my foot down I could get ahead by Durham but dropped the idea because of the failing light.

Scots Guardsman and its Hadrian train turned up pretty much on time, was duly snapped and I pottered off from Hexham in a Durhamly direction.

Despite the poor light all day I now have far too many RAW images to process so I’d better stop prattling on and get on with it …

David Trout LRPS

Guardsman-on-The-HadrianHexham-0522-by-David-Trout-LRPS_thumb.jpg B1-on-WansbeckNewc-0397-by-David-Trout-LRPS_thumb.jpg K1-on-WansbeckNewc-1127-by-David-Trout-LRPS_thumb.jpg Blyth-Assignment-1217-by-David-Trout-LRPS_thumb.jpg

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