From the Front Line of … the Whickham Exchange visit

By our roving reporter Stephen Bell CPAGB

Question:  When was the last time 4 virgins were in the same room in the town of Whickham?

Answer: Friday night as 4 members of DPS descended upon Whickham CC for the return exchange visit to give a show.

When Paul Ritchie asked Mick Watson, Ivor Miller, David Forster and myself if we would represent Durham I wondered if it occurred to him that none of us had ever spoken outside of our own club. There must have been something in the tea that night, as we all wondered how he managed to get us all to agree. “The club is always keen to promote new members work and to keep things fresh and varied” came to mind.

Anyway we need not have worried as Whickham are a great bunch of enthusiastic photographers and made us very welcome. We also had Joe Grabham and Paul for support.

Mick stepped up to the plate first, with a selection of stunning prints, and wowed the audience with his motorsport, landscapes and wildlife, and along with his technical knowledge of his subjects he really impressed everyone.

Up next stepped a nervous Ivor, who showed a set of seascapes from Northern England, and some infra-red images that amazed us all, the quality of his work soon eased his nerves and he delivered a fabulous set.

At this point I thought it was coffee time, but Whickham have no break, so it was now my turn. I showed a few pictures of sport, portraits etc. but most of my pictures were from my involvement in a movie short called An Unfortunate Woman, which we had literally just finished 2 hours earlier at Beamish.

David was next and delivered a show what he described as “fiddling about” showing some fabulous traditional portraits, along with some manipulated images which brought his skills and knowledge of Photoshop to the fore.

With a bit of time to spare we brought on our substitute for the night, namely our President Joe, who described his talk as “The Pliable Image” showing pictures that “bent the rules with various degrees” from totally straight images to the realms of totally altered reality.

We received a warm and genuine thank you from the members of Whickham, had coffee and biscuits and had a mingle round and a look at Micks prints on display in the hall.

I think the night went very well and for 4 first timers hopefully we did not let the side down.

Stephen Bell   

Pictured: some of Stephen’s images from his talk to Whickham CC    

wick-007-by-Stephen-Bell.jpg wick-037-by-Stephen-Bell_thumb.jpg wick-042-by-Stephen-Bell_thumb.jpg          

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