Golden London Salon Oldies from John Clarke – the story behind the pictures

At the showing of the London Salon of Photography 102nd Exhibition to Durham Photographic Society 9th January, the President, Joe Grabham, mentioned DPS member Dr John Clarke ARPS had the distinction of having several acceptances in past London Salon exhibitions

At NewsBlog’s request, John has unearthed from his vaults the said beautiful prints from 10 to 20 years ago and they are reproduced here

John said, “I have to confess I can’t remember if I had 3 or 4 acceptances in all.  I’m fairly sure that the pigeon fancier with the silhouettes was one, the other two definitely were.

The Pigeon Fancier:  The one with the pigeon in flight was very early and a total pig to print, overexposed and overdeveloped, and really started my odyssey through the local population around Crook, and finally into the allotments which became a long term project of mine.

Mr Hunt in his Greenhouse: This was a very early allotment image of an amazing character who managed no less than five allotments, all kept to the highest standard, and dotted with wondrous ramshackles.

Pigeon Pride:  This was one of those hairs on the back of your neck moments, when you’re aware that you have something extra-ordinary, or at least you will have if you haven’t mucked up the exposure or focussing….and no LCD screen to check in those days, you just had to wait trembling with anxiety and anticipation!  Oh, the rapture when you find it’s sharp and correctly exposed!”

Pigeon-Pride-by-John-Clarke-ARPS_thumb.jpg Mr-Hunt-in-his-Greenhouse-by-John-Clarke-ARPS_thumb.jpg The-Pigeon-Fancier-by-John-Clarke-ARPS_thumb.jpg

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