There are no tripod holes in street photography….

Definitely my favourite quote of the evening at our special Members Evening at DPS last night!

A big thanks to Mike Bolt, Yasmin Zouari, David Hickman, Julie Ferry and Peter Jackson who provided us with an evening of their very own photography. Each member was able to express their own style of photography with everything from The Fringe, to Tanfield, to British Columbia, the back streets of downtown India, street photography and the Isle of Man. I was particularly impressed with the competence of Yasmin, producing images with good thought behind the composition, and a most confident presentation from our youngest member. I especially liked the style demonstrated in her close portrait images.

Mike Bolt, who confided in us all to being a ‘born again biker’ started the evening with his array of images from the UK to British Columbia, supported by good Birmingham humour which set the style for a relaxed and enjoyable evening.

David Hickman took us covertly around the streets with his street photography which was fun, coupled with a practical demonstration ‘shooting from the hip’ showing us that a ‘hen party’ is always a good source for images.

Julie Ferry took us on a journey around India which was away from the tourist route producing some street and people images which would sit well in any Royal Photographic Society presentation. Coupled with evocative Indian music, you could virtually ‘smell’ the atmosphere! Well done.

The evening was topped off with the dulcet tones of Peter Jackson who assured us that he did not need a microphone! and that was clear, with a superb and interesting presentation of his variety of photography especially with the Isle of Man included in his travelogue which he made so interesting.

A big thanks to all our contributors, presenting photography in front of your friends who are photographers can be daunting, but you all carried this off superbly! Thank you.

Peter Walton President

Club Night Preview: 5th April

Members Night:

In a change to our printed programme, we look forward to a Members night. These are always amongst the most enjoyable in our glittering calendar – no pressure for this stellar line-up though:

David Hickman

Julie Ferry

Mike Boult

Peter Jackson

Yasmine Zouari

Don’t miss!

Pictured: 2018 FIAP Youth Biennial entry, “Add a Drop of Colour” by Yasmine Zouari link


D.P.S Dryburn Hospital Exhibition Reminder

From Barry Armitage

Durham Photographic Society has a permanent exhibition of 14 prints at the above hospital, and is changed every 3-4 months.

The exhibition is shortly to be changed, so if anyone wishes to display a photograph, bring along your prints to either myself or Dennis Hardingham, no later than 12th April.

Prints need to be A3 in size, preferably unmounted as we have mounts already cut at 20x 16 to fit the club exhibition frames. The subject can have been taken anywhere in the U.K., but the hospital request no portraits

The exhibition is on the first floor corridor between the E.N.T. Dept and Treetops the children’s ward, and has a heavy footfall. Therefore many people do see the photographs; this is a great opportunity for new members to show their skills.

e-news from the PAGB 204:

enews 204: features ticket info for the AV Advisory evening and AV Adjudication days, offers, ads, pictures and more … here

enews 204 extra: has more from the Masters of Print Hall of Fame (of which our own Joe Grabham is an founding member) and launches the 2018 Masters of Print

NB The best way to receive FREE e-news is by email. Easily done by registering at


Pictured: Physical Graffiti 2 by Stephen Bell CPAGB

                                                     Physical Graffiti 2. Stephen Bell CPAGB

Club trophy engraving costs – important announcement

Following a review of the amount of money the society spends on trophy engraving (which last year came to over £400) the committee has decided that there should be a limit on the number of characters in trophy winners’ names. Rather than truncating the names displayed on trophies, which could look unsightly on the trophy itself, it has been decided that anyone with a surname which has a length greater than 6 characters will not be allowed to win a club trophy, with effect from January 2018. The committee hopes that this will not cause any inconvenience to members, particularly those with longer surnames.

An Invitation from Washington CC

From Mike Boult

Durham PS members are invited to a presentation on Friday 6 April, to be given by Paul Alexander Knox.

Paul is a documentary photographer and his work covers a number of genres including architecture, people, industry and many more.

His work is creative and he has won many awards. He has had exhibitions all over the country.

There is no cost but they hope anyone attending will support the raffle.

The start time is 7.30pm at Shiney Row Community Centre, Claremont Drive, Shiney Row DH47LR

PAGB Awards in AV 2018 Event

From Mike Boult

This event is being held from 25 to 27 May at Wilmslow Guild in Cheshire.

The Friday evening session is an advisory session for anyone who may be thinking of applying for a PAGB distinction in AV in the future.

Tickets are now available at £5 per day for the Saturday and Sunday adjudications. The Friday evening is free.

More details and links to booking form are shown HERE

Results: Leazes Bowl

Judged by Jim Welsh LRPS CPAGB APAGB


Leazes Bowl.1st. John Race .AS TEARS GO BY, ARMISTICE DAY

2nd  Ivor Miller. The face of a hard working life.

Leazes Bowl.2nd. Ivor Miller.   the face of a hard working life.

3rd  John Carter.   Deep In Thought

Leazes Bowl. 3rd. John Carter.   Deep In Thought

HC Peter Walton.  Dame Tanni Grey Thompson

Leazes Bowl. HC. Peter Walton.  Dame Tanni Grey Thompson


Leazes Bowl. HC.  John Race. U-BOAT CAPTAIN

HC  Stephen Holmes.  Cara

Leazes Bowl. HC.  Stephen Holmes.  Cara

HC David Foster. The Viking

3. HC. David Foster. The Viking

Results: Dunelm Trophy

Judged by Jim Welsh LRPS CPAGB APAGB

1st  Ivor Miller. Sunset  high  up in the  misty  mountains

Dunelm Trophy.  Ivor Miller . 1st       sunset  high  up in the  misty  mountains

2nd Kevin Alderson. The Rolling Stones

Dunelm Trophy. Kevin Alderson. 2nd. The Rolling Stones

Angie Ellis.Valley of Monuments

Dunelm Trophy. Angie Ellis. 3rd,Valley of Monuments

HC John Race. The Sword and the Slate

Dunelm Trophy. John Race.  HC THE SWORD AND THE SLATE

HC  George Hodgson. The Grand canal from the Rialto Bridge.

Dunelm Trophy. The Grand canal from the Rialto Bridge. George hodgson . HC,

HC  Ian Peele. Sunset on the Tyne

Dunelm Trophy.  Ian Peele. HCsunset on the tyne