Club Night Preview 25th May:

Results Night: 2nd Progress PDI

Results Nights are enjoyable on so many levels. In the 2nd Progress PDI, more points are up for grabs – awarded to the top five and Highly Commendeds – from images mostly previously unseen at the club. Judges are Linda Golightly for Section A which is for more experienced workers, and John Attle for Section B for the less experienced, yet frequently fresh and exciting talents

Everything you need to know about competitions is on the Competitions page (follow the links) including Progress Competitions Points so far here

Plus: it will be only one week to the closing dates of the Hon Members Cup and Iris Trophy (set of 5 or 6 on a theme – Prints and PDI respectively) – and only three to the Fillingham Trophy (Spirit of the North East)

Pictured: top three in the 2016 2nd Progress PDI A & B (hover cursor to reveal captions)

1st 2nd Progress A PDI.  Last Dance. Joe Grabham EFIAPs 3rd 2nd Progress A PDI. Pied Avocet (Recurvirostra avosetta). Michael Watson 2nd 2nd Progress A PDI. The Daisy Inspector. Dale Wesley Hill

2nd 2nd Progress B PDI. Running into the Sunset. Derek Sanderson 1st 2nd Progress B PDI. Hamsterley Spring Morning. Julian Ratcliff 3rd 2nd Progress B PDI. Meandering. Catherine Yates

Photography News Issue 44:

Edited by Will Cheung FRPS:

Issue 44: includes Jarred and Displaced interview (Christoffer Relander on his multiple exposure techniques), macro lenses and macro shooting techniques, Lighting Academy – how to shoot a car, Fujifilm medium format GFX 50S test and more. It’s packed, it’s free and it’s here

There will also be some high quality hard copies at the club to share around and pass on

Pictured: macro picture by Ronnie Hall taken at SNAP n CHAT #5 to Butterfly World Preston Park (more in Members Galleries here)

                                                           Ronnie Hall B

New: Cathedral without pews in Members Galleries

Latest gallery is No Pews to View by Brian Blake who took the opportunity presented by the Special Photography Day at Durham Cathedral 12th May after the filming of scenes for the latest Marvel Avengers movie as reported here

No Pews to View (and how to prepare and enter galleries of images) is on the Members Galleries page in the Themes and Projects section here

Picture Brian Blake

                                                            From the Transcept

Club Night News: 18th May

Peter Talbot: Expeditions in a Zodiac Boat in UK, Sweden, Norway and Greenland

Peter Talbot is a young adventurer/ photographer who also lectures widely about his travels, always in aid of Prostate Cancer UK after his father contracted the disease in 2009. Thankfully his Dad has recovered fully thanks to an early diagnosis and treatment. Peter has continued to support the charity ever since and has raised over £20,000 so far, principally from his lectures

He gave his first talk to Durham PS in 2011 and delivered the Malcolm Thurman Memorial Lecture in 2014 and it was great to have him back, this time focussing particularly on his adventures in Greenland. Few places are as remote and bleakly beautiful, dangerous even, and it was a thrilling and spellbinding experience to hear his stories and see his pictures. He has a full time (unrelated) job and his charity work – how on earth does he pack in the planning, organising and experiencing the amazing expeditions?!

More about prostate cancer and Prostate Cancer UK, and the importance of early testing and diagnosis, is here

Any group or organisation interested in booking Peter for one of his talks can contact him by email: p.d.talbot(at) (substituting (at) for @ of course)

David Trout’s obituary of the late, great Malcolm Thurman is on the History page here

Assignment Durham Hot Air Balloon Festival

Saturday 27th May, Houghall College Campus. Early birds may like to be there earlier but all meet at the car park at 12.00 noon (not 10.00 am as reported previously!). Car parking is £5 so car share makes sense. See previous NewsBlog here

The gallery of pictures from the previous Assignment to Tanfield Railway, along with 54 others, is on the Assignments page here

DPS on Tour: Tough Mudder Yorkshire

A golden chance for a bus trip to Tough Mudder, Skipton, 29th July but hurry – needs enough members to sign up to be viable, £15 each plus £10 entry fee – contact Angy by phone, text, email or FaceBook etc to express interest. More info here

Next Digi Night – change of date and star billing

The next meeting will be Wednesday 21st June 6.30 pm County Hall , not 7th June as previously reported due to knock on effect of the Election

The main topic will be Infra Red Photography by Jed Wee ARPS (welcome back Jed!) plus bring your own image for the guys to work on

DPS Annual Exhibition

It will be on in the glorious setting of the North Aisle of Durham Cathedral for the month of August, will feature around 100 prints by DPS members and be enjoyed by thousands of visitors from all over the world. NB It will be an exhibition on the theme of “Treasures of the North” which is completely open to individual members’ interpretation. You can put your name down on the notice board to take part and bring in mounted prints from now

See also earlier NewsBlog from Mike Boult here

DPS Botanic Garden Exhibition

47 photographic prints from 47 members, now showing in the popular Botanic Garden Cafe, the exhibition is on for the month of May. Beautiful gardens, coffee, cake and DPS photography – it’s a telling combination! Entrance to the cafe is free and there’s a small charge to see the gardens. More about the Durham University Botanic Garden is here

DPS UHND Exhibition

Coming soon. Our permanent display on the 1st floor near ENT at the University Hospital of North Durham will have a changeover at the beginning of June. Barry Armitage is the founder and organiser and can tell you more after the Botanic Garden exhibition take down

NCPF/ Empire & Flag/Beamish Weekend

20th to 21st May. Our own Julian Harrop reckons there will be a massive amount to photograph at Beamish, not least due to the numerous activities around the Empire and Flag event. Members can enter the NCPF/Beamish Trophy competition with pictures taken on the weekend. More information is on the Notice Board and on the NCPF website here and Beamish website here

There’s also a Grand Georgian Gathering at Night event, 6.00 pm Saturday 20th link

NB Golden opportunities for “Treasures of the North” pictures for our Annual Exhibition and “Spirit of the North East” for the Fillingham Cup competition!

AV Show Night

27th July – open to all members to show their Audio Visual slide shows but hurry – time is running out! Hand your entries to David Forster on disc or stick asap. David is organising and can also give advice.

Competition Countdown

Next closing dates:

Sterling Award (After Dark) and Daisy Edis (Nature) PDI 18th May

Hon Members and Iris Print and PDI on themes 1st June

Plus: only 27 days to the Fillingham! Set subject “Spirit of the North East

Check rules, including General Competition Rules, in your printed Programme or on the Competitions page of this website

Photography this Weekend

The big two: Haworth 1940’s Weekend and NCPF Beamish Weekend. Mike Boult’s Hot Dates page has links for these and many others right through the summer and beyond here

Plus: why not set out to capture stunning photographs for our forthcoming Treasures of the North exhibition in Durham Cathedral. Could be people, landscapes, architecture objects, any genre – the choice is yours. Let’s make this a show to remember for the many thousands of visitors

Next Meeting: Thursday 25th May

Results Night! 2nd Progress PDI – judges Lynda Golightly and John Attle

Note: the meeting on Thursday 8th June will be at County Hall at the earlier start time of 6.30 pm due to St Oswalds being a general election polling station that night

Pictured: Barry Armitage at the DPS UHND exhibition

                                                           Barry Armitage at UHND. Picture Dennis Hardingham

Assignment Durham Hot Air Balloon Festival

As reported in Mike Boult’s Hot Dates, the Durham Hot Air Balloon Festival takes place in Durham 26th to 29th May

Durham PS Assignments organisers, David Forster and John Carter, announced last night at the Assignment Barford Raceway review night that the next Assignment will be Assignment Durham Hot Air Balloon Festival at the East Durham College Houghall Campus on Saturday 27th May. The meeting time in the car park at 12.00 noon (not 10.00 a.m as previously stated!)

More about the Festival is here

More about DPS Assignments, and 57 galleries from earlier Assignments, are on the Assignments page

Meantime, David Forster needs your 8 images from Assignment Barford Raceway soon. They must be sized max 1400 px wide by max 1050 px high sRGB and captioned with your name and a number 1 to 8


Club Night Preview 18th May:

Peter Talbot: Expeditions in a Zodiac Boat in the UK, Sweden, Norway and Greenland

We welcome back adventurer/photographer Peter Talbot to Durham PS. We can look forward to gripping tales and pictures from his latest expeditions in a 10 foot Zodiac boat. All Peter’s talks, including this one are in aid of Prostate Cancer UK. All of his fee goes to the charity. He was last here in 2014 with pictures from his Antarctica adventures which raised £281 for the charity. There will the latest information on prostate cancer freely on display and the opportunity to donate money if you wish

More about prostate cancer and Prostate UK is here

Plus: it’s the closing date for Sterling Award (After Dark) and Daisy Edis Trophy (Natural History – link to definitions is on the Competitions page). Both PDI competitions, so email your entries to Ian Peele (address is in your printed programme and on the Committee page)

Pictured: Peter Talbot in his Zodiac

                                                              Peter Talbot

Calling Young Photographers for FIAP Youth Biennials!

From PAGB Vice President Howard Tate MA ARPS AFIAP

“We are looking for young photographers who may be willing to submit their images for the PAGB to consider using in FIAP Youth Biennials, both Print and DPI. There is no need to submit images at the present moment as selection for the next Biennial is not yet underway
I am looking for Young Photographers in two categories, up to and including 16 years of age and up to and including, 21 years of age in the year 2018. The level of competence in the photographers that we are looking for should be up to the standard found on pages 14 to 24 in this document news/FNL01-en.pdf  which is a report covering the last Youth Print Biennial held in 2016
If you have members in your club who meet this criteria I would be obliged if you could ask them to contact me at hgtate(at) (substituting (at) for @

There will be no obligation as at the present moment we are merely looking to identify and communicate with suitable candidates. This is a great opportunity for any young photographers within your club to show their talents on an International platform”
DPS Past President Joe Grabham EFIAP/s said:

It’s always good to get people involved in events outside the club.  Looking at the examples they show, I’m sure many of our “over 21” members would be more than happy to have produced images like that!

This may well appeal to our under21 members, and also other young photographers who may like to join Durham Photographic Society, or another PAGB/NCPF club, in order to qualify”

NCPF Beamish Weekend: and Beamish Trophy competition

From the NCPF:

The NCPF in partnership with Beamish Living Museum of the North and following on from the success of previous NCPF Beamish Photography Weekends we are proud to announce our 7th joint venture

Taking place over the weekend of Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May, and coinciding with the Empire and Flag weekend event, there will be some excellent photographic opportunities

Once again there will be a selling exhibition of prints by NCPF members with the opportunity to sell your prints. On display also will be a selection of prints from the 2016 NCPF International Salon

Plus members have the opportunity to enter the NCPF Beamish Trophy competition for images taken over the weekend

Plan your visit now. Entry to the museum is only £19.00 and gives access as many times as you wish for a period of one year concessions available

Link to NCPF website is here

Link to Beamish Museum is here

                                                               JR and D Edis photographic studio Beamish


From Angy Ellis

SNAP n CHAT #7 is Whitworth Hall Deer Park Stanner’s Lane, Spennymoor DL16 7QX on Wednesday 31st May meeting at 10:30am

A great opportunity to photograph these beautiful and friendly deer close up as well as some long shots among the trees as we walk around the park.

We will meet 10:30am outside reception – please go inside to sign a disclaimer (standard procedure for all visitors) they are aware that we are coming. You can purchase food (the only food allowed to be given to the deer) for £1.

Be sure to hold onto your food bags tight – I’ve lost many a full bag from eager greedy deer. I’ve chosen 10:30am to meet as they will have already been fed.

Remember all members welcome, and feel free to bring a photography friend.

(obviously weather permitting)

Who’s coming? 

Pictures: Angy Ellis

                whdp 2      whdp