e-news from the PAGB Issue 195: Joe Grabham, Master of Print!

Issue 195 is packed with interest including a complete list of acceptances to the first Masters of Print exhibition. We are so proud that, our very own, the brilliant Joe Grabham has an acceptance and it’s a new work previously unseen at the club. The exhibition will be showing at the Rupert Burt Gallery in London 5th to 15th December, beautifully staged with specially made frames. Please go and see it; you will not be disappointed. The photographs will be published after the exhibition closes.

More information on this, plus news and pictures from the recently judged GB Trophy and more is in enews 195 here

Issue 195 extra is picture packed and has full results from the 2017 Interclub Print Championship and impressions from three first timers. Well done Gosforth CC and Keswick PS who represented the NCPF. It’s all here

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Club Night Preview: 23rd November – AGM

Annual General Meeting

Officers will be reporting on Society activity during the year and Durham PS Committee for 2018 will be elected

Return of Competition Trophies

The 2016 competition trophies, many dating back to 1950, need to be returned so they can be engraved with the names of the 2017 winners in time for the awards presentation dinner which is at Bowburn Hall 16th February 2018

Situations Vacant

Competition Secretary Prints

Assignment Organiser(s)

Website organiser/editor

One or more of these could be you! The first is an elected post onto the committee, ideally at the AGM, and the others are appointed positions

Wear Area Battle

Members of competing clubs can attend – it’s Friday 24th November 7.45 at Shiney Row Community Centre. Chat to External Competitions Secretary Tony Mearman at the AGM if you need to know more

Pictured: a star of a previous Wear Area Battle, Alcedo at his Fishing by Michael Watson

                                                            Alcedo at his Fishing. Michael Watson

Club Night Preview: 16th November – no meeting this week due to Lumiere

Next meetings:

23rd November Annual General Meeting

30th November Results Night, Digital Trophy (3 PDI Images) and George Samuel Trophy (Sport or Action PDI)

So get out and about and enjoy the fabulous Lumiere Durham Light Festival experience Thursday to Sunday 16th to 19th. Everything you need to know is here

Don’t forget to pop into the Town Hall in the Market place if it’s open to see the Durham Photographic Society exhibition, Into the Light

Pictured: His Medals and Mine by Joe Grabham EFIAP/s from his Digital Trophy 2015 winning entry

                                                                                                                                                                          His Medals and Mine by Joe Grabham EFIAPs

Club Night News: 9th November

Julian Harrop: Three North East Photographers – Daisy Edis, William Lubbock & Charles Nichol

Julian Harrop, as expected, gave an enthralling account of the lives and work of three very different early photographers, all producing beautiful work – Charles Nicol of Jesmond, William Lubbock of Blackhill and our own Daisy Edis of Durham. This was followed by fabulously evocative pictures of the 50’s from the Beamish People’s Collection, two amazing 35mm early black and white documentary movies, finishing with a run down on the exciting Beamish developments including the monumental Re-Making Beamish project

Julian has a number of lectures ready to go so pass the information on to other interested groups by all means

If you have photographs and memories from the 50’s Geraldine Straker at Beamish would love to hear from you

Learn more about Beamish Museum and the Beamish People’s Collection here

Joe Grabham’s article “Annual Dinner & Presentation Evening 1957” (in Historical Articles and Reports in the History section of Archives) references Daisy Edis, Julian Harrop and the Beamish People’s Collection here

New DPS Exhibition: Durham Town Hall

Organised by Mike Boult, there is a new exhibition of member’s prints, with the theme Into the Light, set up on Tuesday 7th November, to tie in with Lumiere Durham and it will be on for the rest of the month. This replaces the DPS open exhibition which was on during October

Annual General Meeting 23rd November

General Secretary Mike Boult has posted the election of officers listing on the notice board. Each has a proposer and a seconder and there will be a vote at the AGN

In addition, members can raise issues they would like the committee to look into provided submissions were with Mike Boult by 6th November

Situations vacant

Three golden opportunities to experience the joys of volunteering, and getting more out than you put in! To find out more, speak to the individuals or any member of the committee

Competition Secretary Prints (Brian Blake stood down)

Assignment Organiser(s) (David Forster and John Carter have retired)

Website organiser/editor (Tony Griffiths is standing down in the New Year

Return of Trophies

All 2016 competition trophy winners please return them on club night 23rd November or hand them to Mike Boult. He needs them in time to have them engraved with the names of the 2017 winners. Thanks!

Annual Awards Presentation Dinner

Date for the diary: 16th February – details to follow


The final Assignments review night of the year is 14th November 7.00 pm at the Dunelm Club. Please bring your prints of Preston Park and Thorpe Perrow. The challenge set for Preston Park was ‘abstract’, the challenge for Thorpe Perrow was ‘fungi’.

Send your 8 Assignment Preston Park images to David Forster asap

Meantime, the Assignment Preston Park gallery is now on the Assignments page, which is in Galleries, here

Wear Area Battle

Hosted by Washington CC, the 2017 “Battle”, a competition between clubs in the NCPF Wear area, takes place this year 24th November 7.45 pm hosted by Washington CC at Shiney Row Community Centre. Members welcome to attend. More info is in earlier NewsBlog here

Wear Area Battle Winning Clubs from 1986 and a picture of the trophy are in External Competition Results in Archives here

NCPF Lecturers List

The list is currently being updated. Any DPS member that would like to be on the list can contact Mike Boult in the first instance. Two DPS members have volunteered so far, Jeff Teasdale and Michael Watson

NCPF Judge Recruitment Seminar

Attend the Seminar, reach the standard and you could be an NCPF judge. Sunday the 25th February 2018 between 10am and 4pm, closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 31st January 2018.

More information is in the earlier NewsBlog here

PftNE Craftspeople exhibition

The latest Portraits from the North East touring exhibition featuring craftspeople of the North East is now showing at Ushaw College.

Ushaw’s website is here . More about Portraits of the North East, a collective of Durham PS photographers, is here

Competition Countdown

The Valente Cup (best set of 3 prints), now closed for entries, is the final competition of the year. Don’t forget to email digital versions, normal competition size, to Competition Secretary Ian Peele. Still three magnificent trophies to be won: Digital Trophy and George Samuel Trophy on results night 30th November and the Valente Cup 14th December. Start planning and shooting for the exciting new 2016 programme of competitions which will be posted on this website after Christmas and in your printed programme 1st night back in 2018

Hot Dates this weekend

It’s the big one: Durham Lumiere 16th to 19th November. Mike Boult’s Hot Dates page has links and more dates here

Next Meeting: Thursday 23rd November

NB: no meeting next week 16th November due to Lumiere taking over the City travel and parking wise!

Thursday 23rd November is our Annual General Meeting in which Officers of the Society report back to the members on activities and the committee for 2018 is elected

Pictured: Focused on the Win by Stephen Bell CPAGB from the 2016 Wear Area Battle

                                                           Focused on the win. Stephen Bell CPAGB

News Flash: Angy Ellis’ picture chosen for Look North Weather Calendar

A superb image by Angy Ellis, of Ray Lonsdale’s Tommy with red painted beach stones in the form of a poppy at Seaham, was chosen for the BBC Look North 2018 Weather Calendar along with two others for October, November and December on Tuesday on the Look North programme

The images were selected by young people from the Thursday drop in at Throckley run by NE Youth, which is funded by BBC Children in Need – the charity that will receive all the profits from sales of the calendar

Angy, a member, Past President and leading light of Durham Photographic Society, said, “I am so pleased that my picture of Tommy will appear on the November page of the calendar and hope there will be record sales for Pudsey”

Angy and the other participants will be attending the BBC Look North Weather Calendar launch party on Friday

A clip from Look North programme featuring the young selectors and the winning pictures is here

More about the poppy mosaic is in a 2016 NewsBlog, “Seaham Remembers: tribute to the fallen at the foot of ‘Tommy’” is here

Pictured: The Appreciation Conversation by Angy Allis (NOT the image featured on the calendar)

                                                                                   The Appreciation Conversation. Angy Ellis

Club Night Preview: 9th November

Julian Harrop: Three North East Photographers – Daisy Edis, William Lubbock & Charles Nichol

Julian is both a member of Durham PS and Assistant Keeper of Resources, Beamish Museum Living of the North. Daisy Edis, of course, was also a member and former President of the Durham Photographic Society whose name is on the Daisy Edis Trophy. She ran the JR and D Edis photographic studio with her father on Saddler Street, now re-created at Beamish and a very popular attraction.

All three featured in Julian’s lecture were seriously good photographers in their time with a large number of photographs in the Beamish collection, including Charles Nichol’s picture of a circus parade through Newcastle with over a dozen elephants and another of Enrico Caruso at Central Station (source beamishbuildings.wordpress.com)

It will be a fascinating evening, don’t miss

NB It’s also closing date for the Valente Cup competition which is for entries of three prints, one entry per member – our biggest and most magnificent trophy dating back to 1950. All trophy and award winner, including the Daisy EdisTrophy, from 1950 are listed, along with other historical references to Daisy Edis, in Archives here

Pictured: Daisy Edis FRPS and the JR & D Edis Studio at Beamish

   20160522 038 e   Daisy Edis FRPS   JR and D Edis photographic studio Beamish

e-news from the PAGB Issue 194: Masters of Print results delayed

Issue 194 features news of the Print Championship and Awards for Photographic Merit adjudication opportunities and more: plus news that results of the Masters of Print Exhibition have been delayed due to a problem with one of the acceptances. However all other acceptances have been notified to the photographers including one from Durham PS as previously reported. The Masters of Print exhibition opens in London early December, hopefully followed by a national tour – the full story is here

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Pictured: Loch Linnhe by Neil Maughan ARPS EFIAP/s MPAGB

                                                           Loch Linnhe. Neil Maughan ARPS EFIAPs MPAGB

3rd Progress Print Section A Results

Judge: Stuart Skelsey LRPS CPAGB BPE1*

First – Bittern, Morning Flight by Walter Bulmer LRPS

Bittern, Morning Flight. Walter Bulmer LRPS. 1st, 3rd Progress Prints A

Second – Cadillac by Tony Mearman LRPS CPAGB AFIAP

Cadillac. Tony Mearman LRPS CPAGB AFIAP. 2nd, 3rd Progress Prints A-

Third – Smile by Angy Ellis

Smile. Angy Ellis. 3rd, 3rd Progress Prints A

Fourth – Little Helper by John Carter

Little Helper. John Carter. 4th, 3rd Progress Prints A

Fifth – Harry’s Hut by Angy Ellis

Harrys Hut. Angy Ellis. 5th, 3rd Progress Prints A

Highly Commended – Silver through the Slate by Peter Walton

Silver through the Slate. Peter Walton. HC, 3rd Progress Prints A

Highly Commended – A400 M Atlas by Walter Bulmer LRPS

A400 M Atlas. Walter Bulmer LRPS. HC, 3rd Progress Prints A

Highly Commended – Keeper of the Books by Peter Walton

Keeper of the Books. Peter Walton. HC, 3rd Progress Prints A

Highly Commended – Glenco by George Hodgson

No image available

Highly Commended – Golden Girl by George Hodgson

Golden Girl. George Hodgson. HC, 3rd Progress Prints A

At the conclusion of the three Print Progress Section A competitions, the winner of The Harvey Adams Cup 2017 is Walter Bulmer LRPS with 20 points. (Runners up Angy Ellis, John Carter and Tony Mearman LRPS CPAGB AFIAP all with 18). Congratulations all who took part especially the 15 members who scored points

Progress Competitions Points 2017 league tables and all Trophy and Progress Stage winners 2017 to date are in Competitions Results 2017 (on the Competitions page) here

3rd Progress Print Section B Results

Judge: Alan Sharp

First – Cottage in the Woods by Liz Mearman

Cottage in the Woods. Liz Mearman. 1st, 3rd Progress Prints B-

Second – Beauty School Dropout by Alyson McMahon

Beauty School Dropout. Alyson McMahon. 2nd. 3rd Progress Prints B

Third – Water for the Chicks by Liz Mearman

Water for the Chicks. Liz Mearman. 3rd. 3rd Progress Prints B-

Fourth – The Bus Stop Veronica Barker

No image available

Fifth – A Window Cleaner’s Nightmare by David Callaghan

A Window Cleaner's Nightmare. David Callaghan. 5th. 3rd Progress Prints B

Highly Commended – Bridge Reflections by David Callaghan

Bridge Reflections. David Callaghan. HC, 3rd Progress Prints B

Highly Commended – Swing Bridge Detail by Veronica Barker

No image available

At the conclusion of the three Print Progress Section B competitions, the winner of The Stidwell Cup 2017 is Liz Mearman with 38 points. (Runners up Veronica Barker with 24, Vicki Geldard with18). Congratulations all who took part especially the 6 members who scored points

Progress Competitions Points 2017 league tables and all Trophy and Progress Stage winners 2017 to date are in Competitions Results 2017 (on the Competitions page) here

+++ Breaking News: DPS member has PAGB Masters of Print entry accepted! +++

Yes! One of our most popular and finest photographers is one of only 60 entrants who have had a print accepted into the highly prestigious Masters of Print exhibition in its inaugural year

For reasons that will become apparent his or her name, and the title of the accepted print (which is new on the scene) or any image of it, is embargoed for the moment

+++ watch this space! +++