Club Night Preview January 10th

Chris Ceasar “Venice in Pictures & Words”

Venice is a photographer’s dream. Old palaces, architectural delights, narrow canals and bridges are everywhere in this city that time forgot. Nothing much has changed over the centuries, the modern Venetians effectively live an ancient Venice that is under constant attack from decay, the sea and a new threat, tourism. So how did this small series of Islands in the Adriatic become the Mediterranean’s most powerful force in the 1300’s? Where did they find their wealth? And how did it all end? This talk attempts to take you from the foundation of early Venice, to the creation, and demise of an empire. The Venice we see today may look just like it did 700 years ago but many Venetians have left and it is struggling to find a way forward as a city. The talk is based on around 50 of Chris’s images that try to capture the heart and soul of this magical place.

                          Chris Ceasar

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