PAGB Inter-Club Print Championship Results

28th October 2018

Croston Theatre, Blackburn

This was the first time that Durham Photographic Society had qualified for this prestigious National print competition, representing the Northern Counties Photographic Federation along with Keswick Photographic Society. The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain covers the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland with approximately 1,000 photographic clubs associated as members. The PAGB is divided into 15 geographical regions and for this competition, each region nominates two clubs to represent them, together with the winning clubs from last year’s competition. The NCPF has approximately 100 member clubs.

There were 35 clubs taking part this time, each club submitting 12 prints for the first round of competition. The DPS prints were selected from the top images in our local competitions, together with some winning pictures from national competitions. There is also set criteria for the number of mono, colour, nature and prints per photographer in the initial opening round.

The 3 judges for the competition were:

  • Gwen Charnock MFIAP FRPS
  • Michael O’Sullivan FIPF FRPS
  • Roger Hance FRPS AFIAP BPE5*

Prints are scored in a range from 3 to 5 points by each of the judges with a maximum score being 15 points. There were lots of images that achieved the maximum score of 15 and the leading club in the first round, Arden PG had an amazing 166 points total. Following the initial round of judging, there were nine clubs who went on to challenge in the final.

(listed in the order of the programme)

  • Rolls Royce Derby PS with 165 points
  • Smethwick PS with 155 points
  • Wrekin Arts PC with 155 points
  • Wigan 10 with 161 points
  • Beyond Group with 155 points
  • Burton upon Trent PS with 155 points
  • Chorley CC with 159 points
  • Arden PG with 166 points
  • Dumfries CC with 158 points

We scored 146 points in the first round, positioned in 18th place out of 35 clubs with our NCPF colleagues from Keswick managing one point more on 147.

Highest scoring images from our entries were:

  • Red Deer in Snowstorm by Michael Watson with 14 points
  • China Girls by Peter Walton with 13 points
  • Last One Out by Joe Grabham with 13 points
  • Mountain Hare in Snowstorm by Michael Watson with 13 points
  • Step Pattern by Joe Grabham with 13 points
  • The Inner Circle by Joe Grabham with 13 points

Following the initial round of the competition, we had to submit only 5 prints to compete for the “Plate”. We could only use 3 prints that were judged in the first round of competition and we were limited to 2 colour, 2 mono by at least 3 different photographers. Other restrictions were no more than 3 prints by one photographer and no more than one nature print.

Our score for the plate competition of 62 included 3 of our best scoring images from the opening round, to which we added “Smack” from Neil Maughan and U-Boat Captain by John Race. Our highest scoring print was once again Red Deer in Snowstorm by Michael Watson.

The winner of the “Plate” was Catchlight CC from Northern Ireland.

The winning club in the Final was Rolls Royce Derby, followed by Arden in second, Chorley in third place and ‘Wigan 10’ in fourth.

All in all, we had a very enjoyable day and a creditable finish in 18th place in the first round of competition.

Many thanks to Joe Grabham for his kind advice and support, together with the selectors for their efforts in choosing a fine set of prints to represent our club.

I would also like to thank Peter Walton and his lovely wife Pat for coming along to Blackburn to support DPS and my dear wife Liz for putting up with me and supporting the competition so positively.

Tony Mearman

29th October 2018


Congratulations to Michael Watson for his excellent print entitled “Red Deer in Snowstorm” which was our highest scoring print with 14 points.

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