Membership Forms

The new General Data Protection Regulations came into force recently. They require that the club has its members permission to hold and keep data about them in relation to running and organising the club. It also requires that the data is kept up to date.

So the committee has decided to issue a membership form to do this.

Also on the form is a section about Gift Aid. If you are a Tax payer paying more than £10.00 a year the club can claim that back under Gift Aid. Making your £40.00 subs worth £50.00 to the club.

Bear in mind it’s not just P.A.Y.E it’s also tax you might pay on private or company pensions, Savings etc.

The more we can claim in Gift Aid the better it is when the committee reviews the Subs for next year.

It is Important that you complete and return these forms. As I said the club has to have your permission to hold your Data and if we don’t have these forms we would have to take a view on whether that permission is being withheld and if you wish to continue your membership.

If your going to be a club night over the next couple of weeks I will have the forms available for you to collect and complete. If your not able to make it could you contact me and we can make alternative arrangements to get the form to you.

Barrie Forbes

Hon. Treasurer

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