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From Walter Bulmer

Wednesday 27th June five DPS members, Walter Bulmer, Brian Blake, Helen Rigby, Kev Alderson & Shiela Halkier left the glorious sunshine inland and headed for the of Northumberland, into the seafret  and 14 degrees. The trip was 2.5 hours including a tour of the Inner Farnes picking up history of the islands and viewing seals and hundreds of nesting birds on the cliffs and shores including Gullimots, Shag, Puffin, Razorbill and lots of various Gulls and Terns. Fortunately no one came off the worse by the attacking Terns as we climbed onto the island in search of the incredible Puffin. We didn’t have to look far as there are hundreds of Puffins nesting on the Islands, as these birds live 80% of their life off shore on the waves before coming to the islands to breed. Another interesting fact is they only have this fantastic coloured beak while breeding and after this they lose the colour platelets and return to grey. Although the light wasn’t in our favour, we all still came back with some great images in challenging conditions. The hour on the Island went very fast and it was back to the boat to Seahouses for fresh Fish and Chips for lunch which was enjoyed by all.

Walter Bulmer

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