Snap n Chat #14 Models at the Hendon Graffiti Walls.

Twelve keen DPS members met outside the Made4thecage gym on a very pleasant day for photography.

We had 4 super models in Luke, Ashlee, Natalie & Steve, all bringing the right attitude to ensure we walked away with great shots. After splitting into 3 groups we wandered around the area, if you have never been as photographers I suggest you visit with or without a model as the street art is beautiful, we never even saw half of it.

We also had fun using the surrounding business who kindly let us use their premises when one of us had an idea. All the models had the techniques, poses and clothing, they were open to suggestions and made the day thoroughly enjoyable for all.

Obviously we finished at a local Café.

Watch out for the #14 Snap n Chat gallery that will follow soon.


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