I gave up colour photography for Lent…

Was one of the ‘quips’ delivered by Michael Sadgrove as he gave his long awaited presentation of colour and monochrome photographs at Durham P S last night.

Just what should we expect from the recently retired Dean of Durham Cathedral, the World Heritage site on our doorstep?

Images of Durham Cathedral? yes, of course. A hint of religious content, yes, but in a thought provoking way that informed and entertained, as opposed to a ‘sermon’ that some may have expected.

Michael came into photography late in life and chose the brand Canon as his camera kit. Wholly appropriate one might say considering his ecclesiastical background!

He clearly loves taking photographs and the rewarding experience it gives us all. His presentation took us around the region and around Europe, not simply a collection of holiday images, but shapes, angles and experiences, the use of light and people photography in an unobtrusive way.

Janet Thackeray, a steward and guide in Durham Cathedral for forty three years, gave a fine vote of thanks and Michael thanked Durham PS for inviting him to our club.

Another great evening, thank you.

Peter Walton


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