There are no tripod holes in street photography….

Definitely my favourite quote of the evening at our special Members Evening at DPS last night!

A big thanks to Mike Bolt, Yasmin Zouari, David Hickman, Julie Ferry and Peter Jackson who provided us with an evening of their very own photography. Each member was able to express their own style of photography with everything from The Fringe, to Tanfield, to British Columbia, the back streets of downtown India, street photography and the Isle of Man. I was particularly impressed with the competence of Yasmin, producing images with good thought behind the composition, and a most confident presentation from our youngest member. I especially liked the style demonstrated in her close portrait images.

Mike Bolt, who confided in us all to being a ‘born again biker’ started the evening with his array of images from the UK to British Columbia, supported by good Birmingham humour which set the style for a relaxed and enjoyable evening.

David Hickman took us covertly around the streets with his street photography which was fun, coupled with a practical demonstration ‘shooting from the hip’ showing us that a ‘hen party’ is always a good source for images.

Julie Ferry took us on a journey around India which was away from the tourist route producing some street and people images which would sit well in any Royal Photographic Society presentation. Coupled with evocative Indian music, you could virtually ‘smell’ the atmosphere! Well done.

The evening was topped off with the dulcet tones of Peter Jackson who assured us that he did not need a microphone! and that was clear, with a superb and interesting presentation of his variety of photography especially with the Isle of Man included in his travelogue which he made so interesting.

A big thanks to all our contributors, presenting photography in front of your friends who are photographers can be daunting, but you all carried this off superbly! Thank you.

Peter Walton President

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