SNAP n CHAT #11-Wire Wool Spinning on and under Steetley Pier

From Angy Eliss

Friday 23rd March 5:30 pm. Wire Wool Spinning on and under Steetley Pier.

This is an evening session, fun in the dark spinning burning wire wool for about an hour or so until everyone gets some cool shots. Sunset is at 6:25pm so if we meet outside the showroom of the new Persimmons Homes on the corner of old cemetery road at 5:30pm we can walk onto the beach – under the pier, set up and be ready for sun set.

You will need definitely need to bring a torch, tripod, camera gear and warm clothing. I have a guy spinning so we can all take pictures.  There will be a small charge of £1 each so I can buy enough wire wool.

Parking is best on Old Cemetery Road – Looking forward to seeing you there.

Picture, Angy Ellis

                                               Wire Wool Spinning  Angy Ellis

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