SNAP n CHAT #10 Finchale Priory – undeterred by Beast from the East

From Angy Ellis

Seventeen Members took the severe weather head on rather than miss Snap n Chat #10 at Finchale Priory on Tuesday

The UK was covered in snow as the Beast from the East threatened to spoil our fun but we don’t give up that easily. Yes we had to drive in extreme conditions to get there and trudge through the deep snow once we arrived. But there was plenty of fun and opportunity photographing Shaw Richardson, our model for the day, and the glorious landscape with its unique scenery.

Shaw is a very beautiful male model with amazing bone structure and he posed and strutted about in his fur coat and hat, working the camera and inspiring us to produce some outstanding portraits. The landscapes were viewed and snapped by those who ventured to the other side of the river. More detailed shots were taken inside the ruins. We should have a very pretty web album to view soon.

The day was of course finished in the Café where scones, t-cakes and toasties were all on offer – yummy.

Thank you to Barry Armitage and site team for clearing the snow leading into the area and to all the members who attended


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Pictures: Angy Ellis unless otherwise stated

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