Club Night Preview: 15th February

Results Night: 1st Progress PDI

Just as the seventeen 2017 competition trophies are about to be presented to the winners at the Annual Awards Presentation dinner this Friday 16th, the new season kicks off in earnest with the first of three Progress PDI competitions results nights. Judges are the very well known duo, Alan McCormick LRPS for the “A” section and Mavis McCormick LRPS for the “B”

If you like great pictures, insightful commentary, excitement, suspense and drama … don’t miss!

2017 Trophy & Progress Stage winners are listed in the Competitions page here

The magnificent, historic trophies are pictured here

By the way, It’s the Angel of the North’s 20th birthday on Friday 16th Feb (unconnected with the above other than millions of photographs have been taken!) … a link to a Chronicle Live feature is here

Pictured: Angel of the North’s 10th 2008

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