Urgent Request for Images for the NCPF Annual Competitions

From Tony Mearman LRPS CPAGB AFIAP
Closing date Thursday 1st March
The NCPF Annual Competitions together make up the Federation’s “big event” of the year. They are a chance for individuals to shine and there are many trophies on offer, including those for best portrait, best landscape, best nature and best creative images. Prints and PDIs can be entered and there is even a section for Beginners. Our selection teams will also pick out some pictures to represent the club in Colour and Mono Prints and in PDI (there are trophies for “best club” too) – but it’s important to remember that all pictures that are entered will be judged and all pictures entered will have a chance of gaining awards.
So start sorting out your best pictures – prints and PDI – from the last year or so. It’s your opportunity to become “best in the Northern Counties”!
Maximum entry of 3 mono and 3 colour prints per person


Maximum entry of 3 PDIs per person

Please send your PDIs and digital copies of the prints to tonymearman(at)hotmail.com

There will be a print box at club meetings for all print entries.

Pictured: Problem Child by Angy Ellis, Bill Grier Trophy winner in the 2017 NCPF Annual Competitions

                                                              Bill Grier Trophy. Problem Child. Angy Ellis

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