Club Night News: 1st February 2018

An Evening with our own Assignments Group:

And what a night it was! The packed audience enjoyed expertly presented AVs by organisers David Forster and John Carter showing 493 great images from the eight 2017 Assignment outings (equating to 100 member/days out) along with 30 evocative sound tracks.

What came across was the sheer diversity of both locations, and images created, added to which the camaraderie and enjoyment of being out and about with fellow members. We are a big club but what a great way to get to know each other and form friendships, and what a learning experience!

Fittingly, as David and John have now retired from the role, there was a “Trip Down Memory Lane” finale that managed to be both moving and hilarious

Assignments have been part of Durham PS since 2010 and there have been 63. They were founded by Colin Armitstead APAGB in 2010 and organised in recent years by David and John. Thanks to them, many thousands of photographs have been taken that would not otherwise have seen the light of day. In recognition of their service, the Vice President’s Award was presented to Colin in 2011 and jointly to David and John in 2016. Legions of appreciative members have cause to be grateful

A list of all Vice President’s Award winners 1989 to 2017 is in Archives here

Links to Pro Show Gold and other AV software is in Useful Links here

More about Assignments and Assignment Galleries from 2010 to 2017 are here

The next Assignment 2018 is 15th February (see below)

2018 Membership no increase in fees for 2018!

People are still signing up! Amazing value at only £40 for 50 club nights and many other activities in 2018 (£20 for Juniors, Students and Overseas members). Check out Programme Secretary Paul Ritchie’s great programme of events on the Programme page

New members are very welcome. You don’t have to pay up on your first night. You can learn all about us on the About page. Write to our President Peter Walton if you would like to know more via the Contact page


First outing in 2018 was to Newcastle Quayside at Night on Wednesday (Super Moon night). There was a very good turnout and a great time was had by all. A gallery will follow soon. Email 2 to 5 images, normal size for web, to Angy Ellis

Digital Night is back!

Wednesday 7th February, County Hall 6.30 pm. Includes cut outs/moves, re-sizing and special requests – and you can bring your own image(s) to be worked on during the evening. All members welcome

Annual Awards Presentation Dinner

Bowburn Hall Hotel, Friday 16th February – an enjoyable dinner together, presentation of trophies, the showing of trophy winning images and the traditional giant “Free” raffle, the “biggest raffle in the world”, which will be MC’d by the sparkling Miss Angy Ellis as only she can. Please bring along raffle prize(s) (an opportunity to unload unwanted Christmas gifts and make generous donations!). £20 per head, guests are welcome – sign up next week latest

Plus: the 2018 Vice President’s Award for exceptional service to the Society will be announced by Dave Murrell

Assignments 2018

Pictures from the January Assignment are on the DPS Facebook Group page – members can go to Photos, Albums and January 2018 to view

The second all new Assignment is to Beamish, Living Museum of the North, Saturday 17th February meeting at 10.00 am in the entrance cafe area. All members welcome to join in the experience

Organiser is Ian Peele. How to join DPS Facebook Group and vote for images is here

Society Challenge 2018 – glass heads

This year’s objects: glass mannequin heads. Members can borrow one for a week at a time and use their photography skills to include them in photographs. Please return the following week. Chances are you’ll get another turn if not more

The Society Challenge – Your Images on View will be 15th November

Images from the Crystal Ball Challenge are in a newly restored gallery in Members’ Galleries 2016 on the Galleries page here

Botanic Garden Exhibition

This annual DPS event this year will be for the month of May. Hon Life Member Don Bennett DPAGB is organising. It’s an open exhibition and room for 47 prints in 20×16 inch mounts which need to be in by 29th March. Sign up on the notice board to secure a place

Hot Dates

Hot Dates Blogger Mike Boult has been posting events, dates and links for Hot Dates 2018 for which we are all grateful. Email Mike (address in your printed Programme) if you have more.

Competition Countdown

Coming soon: our first Results night of 2018 – 1st Progress PDI with judges Alan and Mavis McCormick Thursday 15th February

Next closing date is Dunelm Trophy and Leazes Bowl, Thursday 22nd February

New this year: Peter Walton’s set subject for the Fillingham Trophy is “The Moment”, and for the Sterling Award PDI, “Humour” … and 5 on a theme (rather than 5 or 6) in the Hon Members Cup (prints) and Digital Trophy (PDI). Details on the Competitions page and in your printed programme

Next Meeting: Thursday 8th February

And now for something completely different –  Roger Coulam with Thinking Image …  his last lecture at Durham was in 2014 and was very well received. It will be fascinating to see what this former Storm Chaser from Sunderland has in store for us this time. Some clues might well be in the John Cogan ARPS review from the time in Articles here

And, more directly, from Roger himself on Facebook … here

Something else to look forward to … Roger’s exhibition at the Side Gallery will be on 17th February to 26th March 2018

Meantime, last chance to see Harry at the Side … on until 11th February – exceptional!

Link to Side Gallery is here

Pictured: Colin Armitstead at Assignment Barford Raceway in 2010, and John Carter (left of picture) and David Forster from the “Trip Down Memory Lane” segment

      Colin Armitstead at Barford Raceway 2010. tg         John Carter (left) and David Forster on Assignment

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