Club Night Preview: 25th January

Dr Param Sandhu: Life on the Brink – Wildlife of India

Dr Param Sandhu is a retired medical practitioner, now a wildlife photographer and lecturer living in Ponteland. He has a passion for the wildlife of India, particularly the glorious tigers of which he has formidable knowledge. He has travelled widely and is n experienced and confident public speaker

His previous, very well received lecture at Durham PS was devoted to tigers and was entitled, Vanishing Stripes. We reflected at the time that, “It was a love story devoted to the “Immense beauty, handsomeness and grace” of the endangered tigers of India. It was a captivating presentation, with wonderful photography, delivered with laconic good humour …”

Don’t miss!

P.S. It’s also closing date for 1st Progress Prints competitions entries – 1st print competition of the year and with Great Expectations as to the prints; surprise and delight us!

Pictured: Tiger. Param Sandhu

                    Tiger. by Param Sandhu          Dr. Param Sandhu

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