Website Watch – year end update

Our regular viewers will be aware that we had technical problems with the site during 2017. Our technical team have succeeded in re-building the site and repairing the menu functions. This has enabled the editorial content team to refresh the 400 plus pages for the year end, including the publishing of our fabulous Competitions and Programme for 2018

The biggest problem has been the loss of some of the picture content. We have succeeded, though, in re-publishing well over a hundred Members’ Galleries and most of 18 missing Assignment galleries. We have also added pictures to most of the pages that didn’t have them and revised much of the text content

Some but not all NewsBlogs between 2014 and 2017 have also lost images, which are replaceable but it would be a daunting task

Pdfs are also affected and we are currently replacing the ones in External Competitions

There is a great deal of excellent content – please enjoy exploring

Your Committee are considering how best to proceed in the future and will be making an announcement soon

Thanks for your support over the years and Happy New Year!

Pictured: from the Valente Cup 2017 entries, Roseberry Topping by Barry Armitage

                                                       HC Valente Cup. 1 Roseberry Topping. Barry Armitage

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