Trophy Winners from 1950

From Joe Grabham EFIAP/s

The Trophy Winners from 1950 pdfs in the Archives section of the website have been updated with the names of all the trophy winners in 2017. This has led to some changes in the accompanying Record Breakers Analysis

Top Ten Trophy Winners 1950 to 2017

David Trout LRPS moves one closer to being Durham’s most successful competitor – he now shares third place with Harry Holder, both having won 27 trophies – just behind Colin Armitstead APAGB on 29 and the late Maurice Sanderson on 30

Michael Watson’s three trophies this year have moved him into the top ten trophy winners – he now shares 10th place with Royston Thomas both having won 17 trophies

Most Wins by Trophy

David Trout LRPS becomes a seven-time winner of the Dunelm Trophy

Michael Watson becomes the fourth member to win the Valente Cup four times – a distinction shared with Harry Holder, John Wise and John Clarke ARPS

Fascinating Facts!

This section makes for truly fascinating reading – for instance that 205 different photographers have won DPS trophies of which 93 have won one only

All Trophy Winners 1950 to 2017 & Trophy Winners 1950 to 2017 – Record Breakers Analysis are here

Members that like to plan ahead can find Competitions 2018 – Dates Trophies & Judges on the Competitions page here

Pictured: Maurice Sanderson by Mavis Ord 2008

                                                                       Maurice Sanderson by  Mavis Ord

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