A most enjoyable visit to the PAGB Masters of Print opening exhibition

by Alex Ellwood

I was delighted to accompany Joe Grabham to the 1st PAGB Masters of Print opening ceremony last Monday in London where he had a print selected for this prestigious exhibition.

Joe’s print ‘Last One Out’ was exhibited alongside many other outstanding prints from very talented authors such as Irene Froy, Warren Alani, Judith Parry and Ross McKelvey, to name but a few. Also selected was a print by Roy Elwood of Whickham PC, ‘Celebration of Dance’; and ‘Sea Power’ by Andrew Nicoll from Whitley Bay PS.

The exhibition was held in the RK Burt Gallery, Union Street, literally, a stones throw from the Shard. Mr Clifford Burt, owner of the gallery, along with sponsors of the PAGB, presented individual prizes and while Joe did not receive an individual prize the fact that he had a print exhibited was reward enough. The afternoon was a very relaxed and happy event hosted by Rod Wheelans of the PAGB, with plenty of time to chat with other like-minded people.

Alex Ellwood

Pictured: Joe Grabham, Roy Elwood and Andrew Nicholl at the exhibition by Alex Ellwood; ‘Last One Out’ by Joe Grabham EFIAP/s

On the Outside. Alex Ellwood Last One Out. Joe Grabham EFIAPs Roy Elwood Joe Grabham Andrew Nicoll. Alex Ellwood

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