Club Night Preview: 9th November

Julian Harrop: Three North East Photographers – Daisy Edis, William Lubbock & Charles Nichol

Julian is both a member of Durham PS and Assistant Keeper of Resources, Beamish Museum Living of the North. Daisy Edis, of course, was also a member and former President of the Durham Photographic Society whose name is on the Daisy Edis Trophy. She ran the JR and D Edis photographic studio with her father on Saddler Street, now re-created at Beamish and a very popular attraction.

All three featured in Julian’s lecture were seriously good photographers in their time with a large number of photographs in the Beamish collection, including Charles Nichol’s picture of a circus parade through Newcastle with over a dozen elephants and another of Enrico Caruso at Central Station (source

It will be a fascinating evening, don’t miss

NB It’s also closing date for the Valente Cup competition which is for entries of three prints, one entry per member – our biggest and most magnificent trophy dating back to 1950. All trophy and award winner, including the Daisy EdisTrophy, from 1950 are listed, along with other historical references to Daisy Edis, in Archives here

Pictured: Daisy Edis FRPS and the JR & D Edis Studio at Beamish

   20160522 038 e   Daisy Edis FRPS   JR and D Edis photographic studio Beamish

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