3rd Progress Print Section B Results

Judge: Alan Sharp

First – Cottage in the Woods by Liz Mearman

Cottage in the Woods. Liz Mearman. 1st, 3rd Progress Prints B-

Second – Beauty School Dropout by Alyson McMahon

Beauty School Dropout. Alyson McMahon. 2nd. 3rd Progress Prints B

Third – Water for the Chicks by Liz Mearman

Water for the Chicks. Liz Mearman. 3rd. 3rd Progress Prints B-

Fourth – The Bus Stop Veronica Barker

No image available

Fifth – A Window Cleaner’s Nightmare by David Callaghan

A Window Cleaner's Nightmare. David Callaghan. 5th. 3rd Progress Prints B

Highly Commended – Bridge Reflections by David Callaghan

Bridge Reflections. David Callaghan. HC, 3rd Progress Prints B

Highly Commended – Swing Bridge Detail by Veronica Barker

No image available

At the conclusion of the three Print Progress Section B competitions, the winner of The Stidwell Cup 2017 is Liz Mearman with 38 points. (Runners up Veronica Barker with 24, Vicki Geldard with18). Congratulations all who took part especially the 6 members who scored points

Progress Competitions Points 2017 league tables and all Trophy and Progress Stage winners 2017 to date are in Competitions Results 2017 (on the Competitions page) here

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