Club Night Preview: 2nd November – Competition Results Night

Results: 3rd Progress Prints

Judges: A Section Stuart Skelsey LRPS CPAGB BPE1* of Whitley Bay PS, and B Section Alan Sharp, Durham PS

This is the 3rd and final stage of the Progress Print competitions. Nail biting, exciting and entertaining it will be for sure. Points will be awarded from10 for 1st place in each section to 4 for 5th and 2 for HCs. The prestigious Harvey Adams and Stidwell Cup trophies will be won. The A section is for the more experienced and the B for the less so. The fresh talents of B section entrants usually shine through

Durham PS Website Watch:

See the Competitions page for everything you need to know about competitions including 2017stage and trophy winners so far, Progress Points tables, pictures of the glittering DPS trophies (co-incidentally by Alan Sharp) and much, much more (how do we do it?! Enjoy exploring here

NB  closing date is the following week 9th November for the prestigious Valente Cup competition which is for entries of three prints, one entry per member – our biggest and most magnificent trophy dating back to 1950. All trophy and award winners from 1950 are listed, along with other interesting stuff, in Archives here

Pictured: 2016 3rd Progress Print winners – Met in a Dream by Joe Grabham EFIAP/s and Tears from a Crypt by Darren Pratt

1st, 3rd Progress Print A. Met in a dream. Joe Grabham EFIAPs   1st, 3rd Progress Prints B. Tears from the Crypt. Darren Pratt

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