Club Night Preview: 26th October – Dave Mason “I Shoot People”

2017 Harry Holder Memorial Lecture: Dave Mason – I Shoot People

We’re over the moon to welcome Dave Mason to Durham, particularly for this year’s Harry Holder Memorial Lecture. Harry would have loved to see this show for sure! Dave is a South Londoner now living in the Canterbury area and is a photographer of people, often in the street (the clue is in the title) par excellence

In his own words, “I take great pleasure in finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, often documenting the surreal happenings on the city streets”

Dave lectures widely – his website lists 40 gigs in 2018 already – and enjoys it when his photographs produce smiles and laughter from the audience. We can look forward to a hugely enjoyable and inspiring night out. Don’t miss! If you have to, Dave is at Alnwick & District PC on Wednesday and Whickham PC on Friday (the clubs collaborated to arrange this trip)

For a tantalising preview, enjoy the words and images on Dave Mason’s website here:

Dave Mason is an Arena photographer – about which more is here

Photo Dave Mason

                                                          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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