3rd Progress PDI Section A Results

Judge: Michael Vasey

First – Three’s a Crowd by Mark Middleton

Three's a crowd. Mark Middleton. 1st, 3rd Progress A PDI

Second – St Mark’s Square, Morning Light by Walter Bulmer

St Marks Square, morning light. Walter Bulmer. 2nd,, 3rd Progress A PDI

Third – Wild Haliaeetus Albicilla by Michael Watson

Wild Haliaeetus Albicilla. Michael Watson. 3rd, 3rd Progress A PDI

Fourth – The Confederate by George Hodgson

The Confederate. George Hodgson. 4th,, 3rd Progress A PDI

Fifth – Marina Bay by Alison Coatsworth

Marina Bay. Alison Coatsworth. 5th, 3rd Progress A PDI

Highly Commended – Black Crowned Night Heron John Wise

Black Crowned Night Heron. John Wise. Highly Commended, 3rd Progress A PDI

Highly Commended – Human Waste by Angy Ellis

Human Waste. Angy Ellis. Highly Commended, 3rd Progress A PDI

At the conclusion of the three PDI Progress Section A competitions, the winner of The Pixel Trophy 2017 is Mark Middleton with 19 points. (Runners up Michael Watson with 17, Angy Ellis with12). Congratulations all who took part especially the 15 members who scored points

Progress Competitions Points 2017 league tables and all Trophy and Progress Stage winners 2017 to date are in Competitions Results 2017 (on the Competitions page) here

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