Club Night Preview: 12th October

Edward Forster ARPS & Mick Howe: As long as it’s Black and White

It’s always good to have a duo presenting at the club, especially when they’re as talented and as personable as these two. And they’re members of the excellent Whickham Photographic Club along with legends Roy Elwood, Peter Dixon and more!

And they’ve been on tour, not least to Morpeth Camera Club, a gig that attracted a fulsome report in the Morpeth Herald with the headline, “No Grey Areas in Pair’s Photographic Talent”

And with the quote, “With humorous anecdotes of their days out and wonderful photography, the presentation was a veritable feast of monochrome texture and tone”
You will not want to miss – read more here

Pictures: Edward Forster and Mick Howe

Edward Forster Mick Howe

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