Touring PftNE Craftspeople Exhibition opens at Ushaw College

From Peter Walton

The Portraits from The North East ‘Craftspeople’ Exhibition opens today at Ushaw College in probably our best exhibiting venue yet!

Ushaw have revamped an old library into a superb Exhibitions Gallery with Gallery lighting.

Dave Murrell and Ian Peele were in charge of the mounting with the essential help of a laser measure just to keep things on the straight and narrow, Peter Walton, our Velcro expert, managed to stick things generally in the right place!

Our first visitor through the door was Lady Elsie Robson who kindly posed for a photograph with us.

Ushaw is well worth a visit, our exhibition is on for a couple of months.

Thank you!

Peter Walton

More about the superb Ushaw college, including history and events is here

See also a NewsBlog and Article by John Cogan on the latest PftNE project, Musicians, many of the shoots taking place at Ushaw College, here

Photos Peter Walton

Laser levelIan, Peter and Dave with Lady Elsie Robson 2Teamwork

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