SNAP N CHAT #8: Heugh Battery Museum

Wednesday October 18th at 11am

From Angy Ellis

I have managed to arrange for Heugh Battery Museum on the headland Hartlepool to open up midweek for the DPS members (usually closed – open weekends)

It’s a historic fascinating location with many interesting photographic opportunities.

Normally £6 entrance I have negotiated £3.50 each as long as I have a minimum of 10 which I’m sure we will. She is also opening the cafe serving tea & coffee for us.

Weather needs to be dry so get it in your diaries now, bring a friend , and we will make a final decision the day before when we know the weather forecast.

Location: 20 Moor Terrace, TS24 0PS

Angy Ellis

Pictured: Heugh Battery, Angy Ellis

Heugh Battery 1  Heugh Battery 2  Heugh Battery 3

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