DPS Memorial Summer School Week 4: action packed Still Life

From Angy Ellis

42 members couldn’t keep still if they wanted too… there was far too much still life around the hall to photograph to be even static for a second…

Our final DPS MSS finished with 18 set ups that included plastic lizards, fresh chickens, milk, nails and a variety of other unusual arrangements mixed in with traditional flowers and fruit.

Alan Clarke’s water droplet station was very popular. He showed us how it can be done without all the expensive equipment so hopefully it has inspired some members to give it a go at home.

Joanne had two very pretty set ups including realistic geckos in a tropical jungle setting that really did look so very real. A few members weren’t sure at first, keeping their distance as they locked eye to eye with them for the first time.

Dave Murrell gave us a challenging egg task: photograph the egg in 5 different ways but ‘Don’t touch the egg” which made for some very interesting variations.

Around the room were many other tables: a fresh apple pierced with nails along with a vintage claw hammer, a fruity orange bird, a plucked chicken, sadly deceased on its nest of feathers and a set up by David Hickman who had brought along a very cute light box and various miniature items to use, and more

All in all it was a great night of practical photography. We shot some pictures together; laughed and chatted together – it was a perfect Thursday night.

Thank you everyone for your support because I could not have done it without you – you know who you are.

See you all next year when the DPS Memorial Summer School returns.


Pictured: Gecko in the Jungle. More pictures from the night to follow in Members Galleries soon

                                                            Gecko in the Jungle

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