New World Designs at Durham Photographic Society

From Durham PS President Peter Walton

Angy Ellis pulled off a scoop for Thursday night’s summer school at Durham Photographic Society!

Angy, a friend of Ian and Steve of New World Designs, who have created one of the most sophisticated Bullet Time Rigs on the planet, convinced them to come to our club and tell us about what they do. Sounds simple, that’s the normal format for visitors to our club, but this, was different!

Following a few hours to set up, members and guests were confronted with a ‘battery’ of SLR cameras on a rig that took up half of our hall as they walked through the door

Founded in 1998 and based in the Sunderland Software Centre, New World Designs is a creative agency focused on immersive media.

The night was fronted by Ian, with Steve working the tools in the background. Here is a local company, educated at a local University, who purchase their camera stock and software locally, who have a world- wide customer base and audience, now that is success!

Ian said ‘We were an early pioneer of commercial bullet time photography in the UK (Also known as TimeSlice or Time Slice), where “Matrix style” scenes separate time and movement to deliver truly unique visuals. Since then, we’ve developed the expertise, equipment and bespoke systems to become a global leader in the industry.

Today we have created one of the most sophisticated Bullet Time rigs on the planet, with precise trigger control, allowing us to control each camera independently, a software suite that allows the full automated process of the camera control, downloads, auto alignment, social media integration, and data capture to name a few. We have created custom wiring systems which allows for very fast and stable setups for both Experiential and Production setups.’

DPS are grateful that they found time in their busy world- wide work schedule to demonstrate their skills and chat about their development.

Peter Walton

Photos Angy Ellis: Ian (left) and Steve, & Ian and Peter Walton


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