From Angy Ellis

SNAP n CHAT #7 is Whitworth Hall Deer Park Stanner’s Lane, Spennymoor DL16 7QX on Wednesday 31st May meeting at 10:30am

A great opportunity to photograph these beautiful and friendly deer close up as well as some long shots among the trees as we walk around the park.

We will meet 10:30am outside reception – please go inside to sign a disclaimer (standard procedure for all visitors) they are aware that we are coming. You can purchase food (the only food allowed to be given to the deer) for £1.

Be sure to hold onto your food bags tight – I’ve lost many a full bag from eager greedy deer. I’ve chosen 10:30am to meet as they will have already been fed.

Remember all members welcome, and feel free to bring a photography friend.

(obviously weather permitting)

Who’s coming? 

Pictures: Angy Ellis

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