The Alternative Rich List

The Sunday Times published their definitive guide to wealth, Rich List 2017, this weekend

There was also a supplement – The Alternative Rich List – a list of extraordinary people rich in experience, rich in spirit, rich in life …

The Alternative Rich List featured two photographers:

Adventure photographer Lucinda Grange who memorable gave a talk to Durham PS a couple of years ago, and renowned triple amputee humanitarian photographer Giles Duley

It so happens that our own John Cogan ARPS is a friend of Giles and says this about him:

My connection with Giles started back when in 2013 when I was interviewing for the RPS.  I had seen a Channel 4 documentary on Giles and contacted him asking for an interview.  My usual procedure was to invite the photographer to dinner.  He suggested a meal at The Front Line (the “Club” for War reporters).  Great.  We ate under an enormous print of Cecil Beaton’s photo of the little girl with the bandaged head in a London hospital back in 1940.  Typical of me I fell over getting up from the table and Giles bent down and helped me up!  Yes, the man with only one hand helped me up.  Since then we have remained friends.  I wrote my article about him which I think he liked. He is one of the most amiable of men and a real gentleman.”

The Alternative Rich List is here

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