DPS on Tour: Tough Mudder Yorkshire

Escape the ordinary with the Tough Mudder DPS Tour Experience!

From Angy Ellis

After the success of Edinburgh Fringe and York at Night, let’s have another bus trip, this time to the amazing Tough Mudder event at Skipton 29th July 2017

For £15 per head and £10 entry (£25) we could spend the day getting some amazing action shots in the mud, electric run, gas chamber and many more…

It’s a huge course, a 12 mile route with 20 obstacles and a 5 miler with 13 so depending how fit you are depends how far around the track you wander

I can’t book the bus unless I have enough to fill it – so have a think…

Bus will leave Durham 7am to get us there before the mad traffic rush (event starts 8:30am normally with waves of start times and hundreds of runners throughout the day) we can leave about 4pm.  There are food and drink traders, many toilets and lots of fun to be had

If you are interested and willing to pay a (non refundable) deposit for the bus (unless you can get someone to take your place) give your name to me (Angy)  – in case of a mad rush it’s first come first served

Have a read and look at the gallery on the Tough Mudder web site here

Pictured: Tough Mudder by Angy Ellis

More of Angy’s Tough Mudder Pictures, and story behind the pictures, are in Members Galleries 2016 here

           AE Tough Mudder (14)  AE Tough Mudder (15)  Angy Ellis. Tough Mudder (12)

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