Lambert Hedley Cup 2017 Competition Results

Judge Martin Vickery

Lambert Hedley Cup (Portraits)

First – Ready to Sail by Alan Sharp

1st Lambert Hedley Cup. Ready to Sail. Alan Sharp

Second – Little Tommie – by Angy Ellis

2nd Lambert Hedley Cup. Little Tommie. Angy Ellis

Third – Enjoying the Papers by Neil Maugham ARPS EFIAP/s MPAGB

3rd Lambert Hedley Cup. Enjoying The Papers. Neil Maughan ARPS EFIAPs MPAGB

Highly Commended – Deep in Thought by John Carter

Highly Commended – The Rainbow Song by Ian Peele

HC Lambert Hedley Cup. Rainbow Song. Ian Peele.

Highly Commended – Winter’s Young Daydreamer by Dale Wesley Hill

HC Lambert Hedley Cup. Winter's Young Daydreamer. Dale Wesley Hill

Highly Commended – Rainy Days by Vicki Geldard

HC Lambert Hedley Cup. Rainy Days. Vicki Geldard

Highly Commended – In the Pink by Tony Mearman LRPS CPAGB AFIAP

HC Lambert Hedley Cup. In the Pink. Tony Mearman LRPS CPAGB AFIAP

Highly Commended – Dreaming by Alan Sharp

HC Lambert Hedley Cup. Dreaming. Alan Sharp

More about competitions, including all Trophy & Progress Stage Winners to date, is in Competitions, Archives and History (click on taps at the top of the page)


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