Club Night News: 20th April – Paul Harris: Brief Encounters

Paul Harris FRGS – adventurer, explorer, story teller – is an extraordinarily prolific and talented pro photographer and film maker. He took us on a spell-binding journey from his time as a documentary photography student under David Hurn at Newport College of Art and design, to projects and commissions all over the world including his current homeland in Nidderdale, N Yorkshire. He gave us a fascinating insight into life as a successful stock photographer and someone with an incredible number of high level commissions and collaborations.

He is an engaging speaker and his approach to photography translates very well to high end enthusiasts (such as our members!). He has a passion for working on projects, always with storytelling in mind. He loves people and working with people – getting in close, putting them at ease. If it’s people at work, get them doing something. Make a list, who’s interesting? Let the sitter be partly in control

Altogether it was an entertaining and inspirational night and we look forward to Paul’s next visit to Durham

Re-live some of the Brief Encounters experience and find out more about Paul’s workshops for photographers on his website here

More about Andrew Sabin’s Coldstones Cut, “Yorkshires biggest and highest Public Artwork” photographed by Paul Harris is here

The book, “The Coldstones Cut, the Making of a Monument” by Paul Harris is available here

More about the book, “2020 Vision, Big Ideas to Rebuild our Natural Home” is here

Kazuyoshi Nomachi’s website is here

Pictures: Paul Harris

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PHP Durham AV 86PHP Durham AV 73PHP Durham AV 129


PHP Durham AV 107PHP Durham AV 51PHP Durham AV 174

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