Leazes Bowl, Dunelm Trophy 2017 Results

Judge David Illingworth

Leazes Bowl (Portraits)

First – Brick Lane Guy by Tony Mearman LRPS CPAGB AFIAP

1st Leazes Bowl. Brick Lane Guy. Tony Mearman ARPS

Second – Soul Music by George Hodgson

2nd Leazes Bowl. Soul music. George Hodgson

Third – Eleanor by John Carter

3rd Leazes Bowl. Eleanor. John Carter

Highly Commended – Deep in Thought by Ivor Miller

HC Leazes Bowl. Deep in Thought. Ivor Miller

Highly Commended – Mentally Unstable by Angy Ellis

HC Leazes Bowl. Mentally Unstable. Angy Ellis

Highly Commended – Met in a Dream by Joe Grabham EFIAP/s

HC Leazes Bowl. Met in a Dream. Joe Grabham EFIAPs

Highly Commended – Rose Tiara by Alyson Shields

HC Leazes Bowl. Rose Tiara. Alyson Shields

Highly Commended – Silver Beard by Alan Sharp

HC Leazes Bowl. Silver beard Alan Sharp

Dunelm Trophy (Landscapes anywhere)

First – Winter Feed by David Trout LRPS

1st Dunelm Trophy. Winter Feed. David Trout LRPS

Second – Von Tromp Shipwreck by Ivor Miller

2nd Dunelm Trophy. Von Tromp Shipwreck. Ivor Miller

Third – The Little Farm by Julie Ferry

3rd Dunelm Trophy. The Little Farm. Julie Ferry

Highly Commended – Before Sunrise by Neil Maughan ARPS EFIAP/s MPAGB

HC Dunelm Trophy. Before Sunrise. Neil Maughan ARPS EFIAPs MPAGB

Highly Commended – Early Morning Derwentside by Alan Sharp

HC Dunelm Trophy. Early Morning, Derwentwater. Alan Sharp

Highly Commended – Sugar Sands by Dave Murrell

HC Dunelm Trophy. Sugar Sands. Dave Murrell

Highly Commended – Swallow Falls by Barry Armitage

HC Dunelm Trophy. Swallow Falls. Barry Armitage

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