Seaham Remembers: moving tribute to the fallen at the foot of “Tommy”

From Brian Blake

Volunteers from the cadets and Seaham Veterans group have made a poppy mosaic made from stones collected from Seaham beach and hand-painted them. The artwork is the brain child of ex serviceman Dave McKenna and lies at the foot of “Tommy”, Ray Lonsdale’s much loved 1101 statue in Seaham

The images are of volunteers involved in making the mosaic, the artwork itself and some of the individual pebbles making up the artwork. The piece will be in situ until shortly after the Remembrance Service on Sunday, 13th November

Brian Blake

Sunderland Echo report is here

NB: any DPS members photographing Remembrance Sunday events across the Region, including at Seaham, are invited to email a few images to Tony G for future website features

Pictures Brian Blake

Seaham Remembers - Poppies #07Seaham Remembers - Poppies #08Seaham Remembers - Poppies #11

Seaham Remembers - Poppies #13Seaham Remembers - Volunteers #05Seaham Remembers - Volunteers #03

Seaham Remembers - Volunteers #06Seaham Remembers - Volunteers #04Seaham Remembers #02

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