Re-live the DPS Memorial Summer School Experience!

Our summer break in August was considerably enlivened by our first ever DPS MSS, devised and organised by Angy Ellis – all very different, all hands on, all fun, all a chance to learn and to socialise

For your delectation, your dedicated web site team have created a new Category containing all the NewsBlogs on the subject in Categories which you can find in the panel to the right

We’ve taken the opportunity to tidy up the Categories section and you still have the other “Search” options: Search DPS, Recent Blog Posts and Blog Archives by Month. These apply to just the NewsBlogs, not the whole site

Should DPS MSS be back in August 2017? Feel free to express your opinions to any DPS committee member

Pictured: Light Ribbon by Neil Maughan – created using a pixelstick as featured in the Light Painting night

                                                          Light Ribbon. Neil Maughan ARPS EFIAPs MPAGB

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